Putika (Peridot): Types, Qualities, Shodhana, Marana

Putika is a yellowish green coloured soft stone. Many scholars have considered it as Apakwa Panna. Its shining decreases upon rubbing against silk cloth. Relative density is 3.2  – 6.4, Hardness – 6.5. It is a compound of Magnesium, Iron and Arthosilicate.

Synonyms of Putika

Jabarjata, Ghritamani, Pootika, Harinmani, Haritopala.

Availability of Putik

Myanmar, Lanka, Brazil, America.

Types of Pootika

1. Yellow coloured     2. Black coloured.


Sheetala, Madhura, light, improves intelligence, Hrudya, antitoxic, useful in Ashmari, Raktapitta, Arsha and Pradara. It improves Ojas, aphrodisiac,

Shodhana of Pootika

Heating and dipping in milk for 21 times.

Read more about Shodhana procedure here

Marana of Putika

Putika powder is given Bhavana with milk, cakes are prepared, dried, subjected to 1 gajaputa heat.

Putika Pishti

Fine powder is given Bhavana with Arka gulab or Chandana Arka or Milk till it becomes a homogeneous paste.


2 – 4 Ratti (250 mg to 500 mg) in divided doses per day.

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