Pranic Healing – Meaning, Method, Benefits

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

The term Prana has many meanings, contextually Prana means life. Pranic Healing is a system of natural healing techniques. This system uses prana force to treat the illness. Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui is the founder of Modern Pranic Healing.

Prana also means energy. All matter in the creation is fundamentally made up of energy. Our feelings and thoughts too are kind of energy waves. This energy connects with the energy in the universe. All of us indeed have an inborn capacity to feel, receive, modify and use different kinds of energy.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But according to the science the energy can be transformed from one form to the other. If we can use this fundamental principle of science effectively in our lives we can use the available energies and all negativities into healing forms of energy. You can transform inadequacies into abundance, stressful events into peace of mind, failing and toxic relationships into strong and healthy ones. More importantly you can use the knowledge of energy transformation to transform sickness into healthy condition. This is called as Pranic Healing!

Pranic Healing is also called as energy medicine. It helps in improving physical, emotional, mental, psychological, financial, spiritual and relationship health.
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Principle of Pranic Healing

Prana is that unseen force that helps you to understand the difference between living and dead persons. It gives you the awareness and consciousness to experience ‘living’ while the other person next to you may experience a permanent black-out at the same time. Prana is also called as breathe of life or vitality of the soul. It is the life sustaining force which enables to live and experience the events of life. When Prana doesn’t exist, you cease to exist as living beings, and there will be no life experiences.

Prana in short is the innate unseen energy required for successful accomplishment of all physical bodily processes.

According to Choa Kok Sui – ‘Life energy or Prana is all around us. It is pervasive. We actually are in an ocean of life energy’.

We are all bestowed with the mechanism of self healing and recovery within us. When we increase the pranic life force in our body, it will accelerate the innate healing process too.

Thus, the principles of Pranic Healing are based on the concept that every living being has an innate ability to heal itself and this healing process can be accelerated by enhancing the pranic life force of an individual.
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Relation with aura, chakra balancing

Pranic Healing uses this energy and the principle of energy transformation for healing purposes. It makes you aware of the aura around your body, the energy centers operating around you i.e. chakras and their effects on your health. It teaches to feel or scan aura and also to determine which part of the chakras are healthy and which are affected. Later, based on this knowledge you may balance the deficit energies of your chakra through chakra healing methods. By learning about the energy and aura, we gradually become more and more conscious about its presence in people and also in the surrounding objects.
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How does Pranic Healing work?

When there are some imbalances in our energy field we suffer from health disturbances and also diseases. Pranic Healing rectifies these imbalances and balances the energy field of the body. Consequentially it also transfers life force to the patient.

This life force which gets transferred into the body of the patient through Pranic Healing can be characterized as the universal energy. The Pranic Healer does not transfer his energy into the body of the patient.

Pranic Healing is done by trained and experienced Pranic Healers. They access the universal energy and transmit that energy into the patient’s body using specific techniques and frequencies which are specific for certain diseases and conditions.

The Pranic Healer does not touch the body of the patient while transferring the energy or life force into the patient’s body. Pranic healing increases the body’s innate capacity to spontaneously heal itself at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
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The healer performs pranic healing on his client in three steps.

1. Checking and Examining – The practitioner examines his client and scans for any abnormalities in his prana i.e. energy fields.

2. Cleansing – Next the healer puts in all his efforts and wisdom to remove those energy abnormalities. This includes all measures taken to remove dirty or diseased energy in the body and to eradicate blockages existing in the energy channels.

3. Charging, revitalizing and replenishing the body with life force – Once the cleansing process is accomplished, fresh life energy is transferred to the body and is energized.
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Example –
When there is bleeding due to cut on fingers, the healing forces of our body automatically takes the necessary steps to prevent loss of blood and set in to repair the damaged tissue. This is auto-recovery process which is an innate mechanism and body’s intelligence system. Similarly our body is constantly exposed to many environmental toxins on daily basis. Our body’s in-built defense system fights all these things and protects us from the probable diseases we could become victims of. We often see that we feel charged up and are full of energy when we are healthy and happy. Here there is abundance of prana energy freely flowing in our system. This also reflects that our body is rich in prana forces when we are physically and mentally healthy. On the other hand we feel down, out and drained out whenever we feel upset and sick. In these conditions our body is poor in prana resources. The reverse is also true. If prana energy is high, we are healthy and happy. The other way to understand is that when we enhance prana energy in the body through pranic healing, the healing is quick enough and restores health and happiness. If prana energy is low, we are unhealthy and sad. Even in these cases the pranic healing helps in restoring the lost energy and balances the flow of prana in the body. In this way it helps the diseased people to recover from their physical, mental and emotional ailments.

The healing process of an individual is thus accelerated by increasing the prana life force in them. This energy is available naturally from the Sun, air and earth.
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Benefits of Pranic Healing

  • Helps in quickly bringing down the temperature in children when they have fever
  • Coughs and colds can be alleviated, quickly, in a day
  • Helps reduce stress and negative thoughts
  • Promotes happiness, inner peace, self esteem and spiritual growth
  • Helps in enhancing ones strength, immunity and stamina
  • Helps in bettering inter-personal skills
  • Helps one in begetting better memory and concentration
  • One attains the ability to attract good luck and prosperity
  • Eye, heart, liver and kidney problems too can be relieved totally or partially in a matter of few sessions
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Origin and Evolution of Pranic Healing

This system draws its concepts from ancient as well as modern techniques and blend into a good healing system. Master Choa tested traditional, spiritual and energy healing techniques from all cultures in his clinics over a period of many years in the Philippines. Later the most efficient and effective techniques were synthesized through rigorous experimentation and came to be popularly called as Pranic Healing. The Master also employed clairvoyants who could see the energy and report what exactly was happening. This helped greatly in understanding of the nature of energy, how the energy works and what techniques are actually effective in comprehensive healing.

Pranic Healing helps to sweep away and cleanse this unwanted energy away and out of our aura and chakras. In its place, fresh prana is replaced. The fresh prana is directed to the areas where it is needed. This prana facilitates rapid healing.

Master Choa through his many experiments had found out that about 90% of people suffering from a given ailment exhibited the same energetic conditions or patterns as any other person suffering from the same ailment. They will have the same areas of congestion and depletion. Based on this the Master developed targeted protocols for almost every ailment. This decides which areas of the body to target and in what method they need to be targeted. These protocols provide specific and customized healing formula and procedure for each individual and each disease. (Read more)

Advantage of Pranic Healing over other healing systems

Pranic Healing is simple method of healing. The healer can use just his both hands to perform healing.
It is safe, natural, and simple to do and well tested.
We need not expend for Prana. It is naturally and abundantly available in our atmosphere.
It is a therapy where neither touch nor drug is used for the purpose of healing.
The medications and treatments may still be continued while the patient is on Pranic Healing.
It is a holistic approach. It makes the whole body healthy. It also cures the mind and makes it calm and balanced.
It can be used for distant healing too.
It can be conducted in people of all age groups.
It can also be used for animals and plants too.
It is a systematic and tangible therapy.
It is not only used for healing but also for maintaining ones health and also for prevention.
When used in proper combination with medical treatment it provides rapid healing and recovery from different ailments.
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The energy body or aura in pranic healing – The practitioner works on bioplasmic or energy body of their client but not directly on their physical body. This energy body is called as aura. It is said to be the blueprint or a mould that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. The energy body absorbs the life energy and distributes it throughout the body. We should know that the physical diseases initially appear in the aura in the form of energy disruptions even before manifesting as problems in the physical body. Our emotions, our ability to handle stress, relationships and even our financial commitments are affected by the pervasive energy that surrounds, interpenetrates and sustains the physical body. This healing method can be applied on self in the form of self healing, to heal the person in front of the healer and also heal anyone who is not near the healer and present in some distant place, anywhere in the world in the form of distant healing. (Read more)

Pranic healing emerged from the notion that physical and mental illnesses involve an imbalance or blockage in the flow of vital life energy in our system, the prana. Pranic healing targets strengthening and equalizing the flow of prana easily in the body by removing its imbalances and blockage in the pathway of prana using various means and methods.

What constitutes Pranic Healing System?

Pranic Healing helps in healing the body and mind. This it does by enhancing the capability of the body to heal itself. It helps to increase energy levels, reduce stress and improves immunity.

Pranic Healing is designed to complement and integrate with any other medical practice and is non invasive in nature. (read more)

Pranic Healing includes diverse array of therapies. These therapies are grouped under several inclusions. These depend on both their origins and the nature of healing techniques they employ. They include –

Traditional Healing Systems – This includes mainly the most ancient systems of healing i.e. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These systems view both health and disease in terms of energy. Health is free flow of vital energy and disease is blockage of vital energy. Both these system use various diagnostic techniques, herbs, and dietetic protocols, external therapies to stimulate and balance the flow of life energy.

Pranayama – According to Ayurveda and Yoga, Prana also means the vital breath. Pranayama is a procedure of controlled breathing practices in Yoga. It is also called as Yogic Breathing. It is believed that the prana is moving in the body when the human breath is flowing freely in the body. Breath is said to be a manifestation of universal breath. Illnesses and diseases manifest when this body’s energy is blocked and gets stagnated. Ayurveda also considers Prana as a kind of nutrient taken through breath and explains prana vaha srotas, the channels carrying the vital prana in the body and transporting it to the place of need. This prana can be taken through the breath and is derived from the external environment. Ayurveda and Yoga advocate breathing exercises to control and regulate their pattern for comprehensive health. pranayama expands the chest, enhances the lung capacity and working efficiency, soothes the nervous system, regulates breathing phenomenon, oxygenates the body, and provides relaxation apart from other various benefits. The major technique of Pranayama includes alternate nostril breathing.
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Therapies working on the body – The alternative therapies and modalities like Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity therapy and Breema manipulate the body or non-invasively stimulate specific points to promote wellness, to aid healing and also to strengthen the vital force.

Non Physical Approaches – Meditation is yet another non-physical and effective approach which is used in body-mind healing. There are many schools of meditation practice. The technique of meditation includes effective combination of chanting, special postures, breathing variations and mental exercises. This combination produces enhanced or altered state of being. The target may be to achieve mental relaxation or for religious devotion or to achieve esoteric spiritual evolution.

Exercise Systems – Ancient systems including Yoga, qigong and Tai Chi provide a beneficial blend of exercise, therapeutic benefits and spiritual path for comprehensive well being. These are considered as healing modalities. They are also said to represent forms of pranic healing. Qigong also means energy cultivation. In each of the above said cases, specific postures or movements are practiced daily. They are often combined with breathing exercises. When done regularly they are said to promote and encourage optimum energy flow in our system.
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Preparations – wearing comfortable and non-binding clothing for body work, fasting, spiritual preparation for meditation etc form preparations for practicing many kinds of pranic healing. Yoga should be done on empty stomach or early in the morning. If done in any other part of the day, food should be consumed 3-4 hours prior to practice. Yoga is beneficial only when these rules are properly followed.

Side effects – People complain experiencing headaches and muscular soreness. Some may also experience soreness of muscles especially after body work sessions, edginess or nervousness resulting from the energies released by meditation while practicing pranic healing. These side effects are usually mild. They disappear when one gets along into the practice and gets used to it.

Related research works – Intense studies and research works are carried out in relation to pranic healing systems including Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. The office of Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funds research into various forms of pranic healing. The NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicines) which is a branch of NIH maintains a house of information about alternative therapies and clinical trials of their effectiveness. 

Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy treatment that uses prana energy to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is an invisible bio-energy which keeps the body alive and also maintains good health. Chinese refer to this energy as Chi in acupuncture. Japanese call it Ki in Reiki. It is a simple and also powerful system of non-touch energy healing. This system is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self repairing entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. This system helps us to understand that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force (vital energy) to the affected part of the body.(read more)

Aura is our bio-electromagnetic field. Pranic Healing is applied on this aura which is also our energy body.

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