Treatment Of Swelling Of Testes (Orchitis) Kuranda Roga Chikitsa

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Yogaratnakara treatise, in the context of Vriddhi Chikitsa i.e. ‘chapter dealing with treatment of enlargement of scrotum’ has mentioned a condition called as Kuranda roga. The description of this condition is said to be a special contribution of this treatise.
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Salient features

Since it is explained in the context of ‘enlargement of scrotum’ it shall be considered as a disease which afflicts either testes or scrotum or both, especially a swelling or inflammation in these structures.

It is said to be caused due to vitiation of pitta in the testicles of children. There is a type of vriddhi which is named as ‘pittaja vriddhi’ i.e. enlargement of scrotum by vitiated pitta. This can be considered to happen in adults. Kuranda is a pediatric disease.

All types of vriddhi take place due to enlargement of phala kosha, i.e. scrotum. Kuranda is a swelling of mushka i.e. testes. Therefore vriddhi mainly takes place in scrotum, though the involvement of testes is not ruled out. Kuranda mainly occurs in testes, though the involvement of scrotum cannot be ignored. This confusion occurs due to short description of kuranda in the treatise.

Separate treatment has been explained with respect to Kuranda.

chernia is already explained as antra vriddhi, one of the types of vriddhi.
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Swelling of the testes is called orchitis. It is often due to viral infection of testicles. It can occur in young boys who have mumps. Infection of the ducts near the testicles is called epididymitis. It is also caused due to a bacterial infection. Pain, heaviness and swelling of scrotum are the general symptoms. All these conditions put together can be taken as Kuranda. The treatment of kuranda can be applied to swelling of testicles along with scrotum and epididymis in children.

Bloodletting has been explained as the first line treatment for Kuranda. This shows that the contaminated blood should be released to cure this condition. It also shows the association of inflammation as caused by vitiated pitta in this condition. Blood and pitta are associated in residence resident relationship.
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Sanskrit Verses

Sira vedha

Bloodletting through venesection is said to be the best treatment to cure Kuranda. If the swelling is in right testes, the vein above the right ear should be cut. Similarly if the swelling is in the left testes, the vein above the left vein should be cut.
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Internal Medication

a. Eranda Tailadi Yoga

The swelling of the testes and scrotum associated with fever will be cured if the patient –

b. Indravarunyadi Yoga

The paste of the below mentioned ingredients should be taken with milk as after drink –

c. Indravaruni mula yoga

The roots of Citrullus colocynthis rubbed in castor oil should be taken with milk of cow.

d. Siddha Haritaki

Fruits of Terminalia chebula should be dipped in urine of cow. Later they should be dried and fried in castor oil. To the powder of these fruits, rock salt should be added and taken internally with hot water.
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External application

a. Saindhavadi Lepa

Rock salt powder is added to ghee and put in the water contained in a vessel. The vessel is heated. When the water becomes hot, the salt mixed ghee spreads over the water. This hot ghee should be collected and repeatedly applied on the swelling of the afflicted testis.
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b. Saindhavadi Yoga

Rock salt mixed in ghee is taken orally and also applied on the swelling of the afflicted testis.

c. Ghrutapura Yoga

The roots of Pongamia pinnata should be rubbed with rice water and the resultant paste should be applied on the scrotum where there is swelling.

d. Ishwarimuladi Lepa

The below mentioned ingredients should be taken in equal proportions, rubbed, made into paste and applied over testicular swelling –

e. Brahmanayashti mula pralepa

The roots of Brahmanayashtika / Bharangi – Rotheca serrata / Clerodendrum serratum should be ground into paste. Equal quantity of rice wash water should be added. The resultant paste should be applied over the swollen testicle / scrotum.

f. Shambuka yoga

Ghee should be filled inside the shell of the snail and kept in sunlight for 7 days. Later the ghee is collected, mixed with rock salt powder and applied on the kuranda.

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