Shukra Sara Purusha Lakshanas – Person With Enriched Reproductive Tissue

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Shukra Sara Purusha Lakshanas means signs of person who has richness and best essence of reproductive tissue. These people are healthy when they have balanced reproductive tissue and its best essence in the body. This should be supported with the balance of all the other tissues. 

Shukra – fat tissue
Sara – richness / best quality / essence
Purusha – person
Lakshana – signs
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 Signs of best quality Reproductive tissue

The below mentioned are signs of high quality shukra dhatu in the body –

  • Gentleness – sowmya
  • Gentle look – soumya prekshina
  • Milky white eye / sclera – kshirapurna netra
  • Good sexual capacity and competence – praharsha bahula
  • Unctuous, round, firm, even and compact teeth – snigdha vritta sara sama samhat danta
  • Teeth resemble Arabian jasmine – Shikhar danta
  • Pleasant, unctuous complexion and voice – prasanna snigdha varna swara
  • Lustrous – bhrajishnuta
  • Prominent gluteus region – mahasphik
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According to Master Sushruta (Sushruta Sutrasthana 35/16) –

  • unctuous, compact, white bones, teeth and nails
  • excessive sexual desire
  • more children

The person having enriched Shukra Dhatu is endowed with – (Charaka Vimana Sthana 8/109)

  • liking by women – stri priyatva
  • enjoyment in intercourse – stri upbhogitva
  • strength – balavanta
  • happiness – sukhabhaj
  • sovereignty – aishwaryabhaj
  • health – arogyabhaj
  • wealth – vittabhaj
  • respect – sammanabhaj
  • good progeny – apatyabhaj

Vocational guidance for those having richness of bone marrow tissue & health

Persons with richness of reproductive tissue are endowed with luxuries and comforts of their life right from their birth. Therefore they do not work hard.

They have good conversational and human skills.

They can work as human resource managers since they have profound understanding of public affairs.

They can pursue their career in acting and modeling as they are very attractive.

They are best in understanding luxuries. Therefore they can run and manage luxurious spas, hotels etc.

They are beautiful and are connoisseurs i.e. understand and appreciate arts and beauty. Therefore they can become good makeup artists, painters, artisans or sculptors.
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Sanskrit Verses

Clinical perspective

Bird eye view of persons of Shukra Sara from clinical perspective

Shukra sara from health, immunity and disease / pathological perspective

These people have optimum quality and quantity of reproductive tissue. Therefore they have good health and immunity related to semen. They don’t fall victim to reproduction related disorders frequently.
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They have reproductive tissue in more proportions in comparison to the people having richness of other tissues. Shukra sara actually doesn’t mean having too much of production of semen. In fact it is to have good Shukra dhatu along with its proportional dominance in comparison to other tissues in the body. Shukra vruddhi i.e. pathological increase of reproductive tissue is another condition having more and abnormal semen tissue. It is accumulation of unwanted Shukra. On the other hand Shukra with enriched quality is physiological.
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If there is imbalance in formation and maintenance of Shukra and if it is contaminated by morbid doshas, these persons will first suffer from diseases related to Shukra.

These people are also susceptible to get diseases pertaining to tissues other than Shukra, as long as they have good essence of Shukra. People having good essence and richness of all tissues are exemption. But for those having richness of Shukra dhatu, it contributes towards majority of health, sexual and reproductive power, libido and health. As said, they have strong and attractive teeth, good looks, color, complexion, progeny and voice.

These persons should take care of good essence of their Shukra tissue and health while taking care that the other tissues too are kept in balance. Or else it will not be called shukra sara.

Shukra tissue is formed after bone marrow tissue in the chronology of tissue formation. Proper formation of Shukra tissue depends on the optimum nature and balance of its precursor tissue, bone marrow tissue. Therefore these people should make sure to have good quality and quantity of bone marrow in their system. The health and balance of precursors of bone marrow i.e. bone, fat, muscles, blood and lymph tissues too should be taken care of. This will enable formation of good essence of Shukra in these people.
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The tissue fire of the bone marrow tissue too should be intact. If the bone marrow tissue fire is deficit, more immature bone marrow tissue is formed. This leads to formation of immature and weak Shukra. This Shukra does not have the qualities of shukra sara nor do they bestow the benefits of the same. Inadequate or improper formation of reproductive tissue takes place if the channels responsible for carrying bone marrow tissue and Shukra tissues are clogged by ama or other pathological materials. If the tissue fire of the bone marrow is more, less bone marrow tissue is formed. Subsequently less quantity of Shukra tissue is formed. This leads to lower essence and poor quality. The imbalances and contamination of Shukra Dhatu will lead to manifestation of diseases related to Shukra i.e. shukra pradoshaja vikara / roga.

Shukra imbalances in the form of pathological increase, decrease, or association of ama and contamination of channels carrying bone marrow & Shukra may deplete the essence of bone marrow tissue and make it susceptible to many disorders.

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Precautions, maintenance and interventions in relation to shukra sara

Ayurveda has emphasized the protection and preservation of Shukra. Good quality and richness of essence of Shukra tissue will enable procreation of healthy progeny. It is formed at the end of formation of its six precursor tissues and contains essence of all those tissues. Ojas, which is said to be the essence of all the tissues and represents overall immunity and longevity is formed only after Shukra. Therefore formation of good quality Shukra and its richness determines the quality of ojas. Preservation of Shukra and not wasting it will bestow all virtues of Brahmacharya, which forms one of the supporting pillars of one’s life. Therefore taking care of quality and quantity of Shukra and maintaining its essence becomes important, especially in those having its richness.
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Persons having Shukra Sara should take balanced and nutritious foods avoiding extremes of pungent, bitter and astringent rich foods. They should also avoid hot foods. They should have a check on the functions of lower vayu i.e. health and balance of apana vayu. Related pelvic and lower bowel functions i.e. bowel movement and proper urination i.e. bladder health should be maintained.

These people should also take care of their bone and bone marrow health by keeping balance of unctuousness in their body. Apart from this, they should also undertake periodic cleansing of the body in the form of medicated purgation and emesis. This will detoxify the tissues, enable optimum formation of precursor tissues and keep the channels of nutrition open and intact.

Unctuous enemas, regular oil baths and sitz bath with medicated oils and ghee are good for reproductive health.

Regular consumption of rasayana i.e. tissue rejuvenators and vajikarana i.e. aphrodisiacs will help in keeping up the essence nad richness of Shukra to its optimum levels.
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Regular exercise is mandatory, so is keeping away unnecessary stress to keep up the essence of Shukra.

Shukra is kapha group tissue. Therefore these persons should take foods and activities to keep kapha in balance. At the same time vata and pitta imbalances too need to be addressed from time to time.

People with richness of Shukra should avoid exposure to too much heat or living in hot and humid conditions.

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