Bad Prognosis Based On Premonitory Symptoms Of Disease – Purvarupiya Arishta

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Purvarupas are the premonitory symptoms of a disease. They denote that a disease is going to be manifested in short time. These symptoms appear just before manifestation of actual disease. These symptoms also give a clue that a disease process is developing in background.
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These symptoms are important for physician because if disease is addressed in this stage, the disease process and pathology will be aborted and disease will never manifest. Purvarupa is the 4th stage in chronology of the stages of formation of diseases (Read – shat kriya kala) as explained by master Sushruta.
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Certain premonitory symptoms may prove to be indicators of impending death.

Ominous early symptoms

Purvarupa Arishta – premonitory symptoms of diseases indicating bad prognosis of the disease and impending death

Arishta Lakshanas are group of symptoms in a diseased person or otherwise which indicate bad prognosis of a disease and also that the person is going to die in short time.

When premonitory symptoms show ominous nature, they are called purvarupiya arishtas.
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Ref – Charaka Samhita, Indriya Sthana, Chapter 5, Purvarupiyamindriyam

Fever early symptoms

1. Ominous premonitory symptoms in fever

Rajayakshma, raktapitta

2. Ominous premonitory symptoms in rajayakshma – tuberculosis / phthisis / wasting diseases 

  • There is severe decrease in strength, endurance and immunity
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  • There is intensification of cold and stuffy nose
  • There is excessive desire for having coitus
  • Appearance of dreams wherein he / she is traveling southwards, riding a dog, camel or donkey will surely cause death in a person suffering from tuberculosis / phthisis / wasting diseases
  • If patient sees the dream wherein he is drinking wine in the company of pretas (evil spirits) or a dream wherein he is dragged away by a dog southwards, he will suffer from dreadful and life threatening fever which will eventually end up causing death in short time
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3. Ominous premonitory symptoms in raktapitta – bleeding disorders caused by dual and simultaneous vitiation of pitta and blood

  • He sees the sky to be red in colour, resembling a cloth dyed with lax, he will surely suffer from bleeding disorder which will eventually result in his death
  • Person sees dreams wherein he is wearing red garlands, his body is red, he wears red coloured dress, he keeps laughing repeatedly and is dragged by women southwards, will surely suffer from bleeding disorders which will ultimately cause his death
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Gulma, Kushta symptoms

4. Ominous premonitory symptoms in gulma – abdominal tumors

  • Person in whom Gulma manifests after the manifestation of abdominal colic, gurgling sounds of abdomen, distension of abdomen, severe debility and discoloration of nails, eyes, urine and feces, will surely be killed by the same disease.
  • When person sees development of a dangerous thorny creeper on his body over the region of his heart in his dreams, will suffer from incurable abdominal disorder which will eventually cause his death.
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5. Ominous premonitory symptoms in kushta – skin disorders

  • A wound developing on the body of a person due to a scratch caused by materials such as grass etc, gradually gets larger in size and doesn’t heal, in spite of administering proper treatment, eventually manifests in the form of skin disorders, will surely take away life of the patient
  • Person who will see himself naked, his body anointed with ghee, the fire devoid of flames and himself performing sacrifice in such a fire and a lotus flower developing on his chest while performing the fire sacrifice, in his dreams, will surely suffer from skin disorders which will eventually lead to his death
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Prameha, Unmada symptoms

6. Ominous premonitory symptoms in prameha – diabetes / urinary disorders

  • Excessive flies are attracted towards the body of a person in spite of him having a bath and also anointing his body with fragrant materials like paste of sandalwood etc, will surely suffer from diabetes / urinary disorders which will cause his death
  • Person drinks different types of unctuous substances in the company of chandals i.e. outcastes, in his dreams; he will get prameha (diabetes) which will eventually cause his death
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7. Ominous premonitory symptoms in unmada – insanity

  • Person always thinks and tells that he feels exhausted in spite of not doing any work or exercise
  • There is lack of concentration and fluctuation of mind
  • There is continuous loss of weight in spite of consuming nutritious food
  • There is aversion towards food continuously
  • There is diminution of mind activity
  • Manifestation of skin eruptions, rise in temperament and anger which were never manifested in past in the same person
  • Person always looks fearful and in panic
  • He smiles occasionally
  • Excessively suffers from thirst and fainting
  • Person sees himself dancing with demons and drowning in the water in his dreams
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All the above said features suggest that the person suffering from insanity will face death in no time.

Apasmara, Tetanus symptoms

8. Ominous premonitory symptoms in apasmara – epilepsy / memory disorders

  • P erson, who, in a state of full consciousness, will see the darkness though there is no actual darkness and hears many types of sounds though there are no sounds, will suffer from epilepsy which will end his life.
  • If person sees himself dancing in an intoxicated state and  a ghost carrying him by holding him upside down, in his dreams, he will suffer from epilepsy / memory disorders which will eventually kill him.
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9. Ominous premonitory symptoms in bahirayama / dhanurvata – tetanus

  • Person suffers from rigidity of both the jaws, sides of neck and eyes after waking up from sleep; he will suffer from tetanus which will eventually lead to death
  • Person eats preparations like shashkuli (large round cake) and apupa (flour cake) in dreams and vomits the same materials after walking up; he will suffer from tetanus which will ultimately lead to death

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