Yonikanda: Causes, Pathogenesis, Classification, Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Yonikanda is a disease of vagina presenting with masses / protuberant structures growing in the vagina.

Yoni = vagina
Kanda = protuberant structure, tuber like growth
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Causes, pathology

Etiological factors of Yonigandam

  • Diwa swapna – excessive day-sleep
  • Ati krodha – excessive anger
  • Ati vyayama – excessive exercise
  • Ati vyavaya – excessive indulgence in coitus
  • Nakha dantadibhih kshatat – injury and subsequent ulceration caused by nails, teeth, thorns etc

Pathogenesis of Yonikandam

Sanskrit verse

Due to the etiological factors, doshas in the body of woman get aggravated. These aggravated doshas contaminate vagina and cause protuberant structures therein.

Shape of the protuberant structure resembles nikucha (rounded) or lakucha i.e. Artocarpus lakoocha fruit in shape. The colour resembles the colour of pus and blood i.e. yellowish or reddish in colour. These structures caused by morbid doshas in vagina are called Yonikanda or Yonijakanda. This disease more often occurs in vagina of the older women.
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Classification, symptoms

Classification of Yonikand

Yonikanda is of four types.

  • Vataja – caused by vitiated vata
  • Pittaja – caused by vitiated pitta
  • Kaphaja – caused by vitiated kapha
  • Sannipataja Yonikanda – caused by simultaneous vitiation of all three doshas

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Signs and Symptoms of Yonikanda

1. Symptoms of Vataja Yonikand

Vaginal mass will be dry, rough and discoloured with cracked appearance.

2. Symptoms of Pittaja Yoni kand

Vaginal protuberance is associated with presence of burning sensation, redness and fever.
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3. Symptoms of Kaphaja Yoni kanda

Vaginal protuberance will have colour of flowers of atasi / flax or sesame i.e. bluish colour and will be associated with itching.
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4. Symptoms of Sannipatika Yonikanda

This condition will be associated with features of all three doshas combined together.


Modern correlation of Yonikand

Yonikanda is a disease of vulva or lower vaginal canal. This is evident because injury by nails and teeth are also causative factors of this condition. It is obvious that nails or teeth cannot reach beyond lower part of vaginal canal.
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It has been correlated with –

  • Polypoidal growth protruding through introitus
  • Malignant vaginal ulcers / Early stage of Bartholin’s abscess– Vataja yonikanda
  • Acute suppuration stage of Bartholin’s abscess – Pittaja yonikanda
  • Chronic stage of Bartholin’s abscess – Kaphaja yonikanda
  • Acute suppuration in chronic Bartholin’s abscess – Sannipataja yonikanda
  • Simple or infected Bartholin’s cyst = Kaphaja and Sannipataja Yonikanda
  • Bartholin’s abscess – due to resemblance with pus or blood colour
  • Prolapse of uterus especially after menopause
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Treatment of Yonikanda

Gairikadi Churna yoni purana –
Powder of red ochre, kernel of mango and Embelia ribes should be mixed in honey and the paste should be filled in the vagina.

Amrasthyadi churna yoni purana –
Powder of kernel of mango, turmeric, extract of Berberis aristata and Myrica nagi should be mixed in honey and filled in the vagina.

Triphaladi kwatha –
Decoction of triphala mixed with honey should be used for irrigation of vagina.
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Mushaka taila –
Oil should be cooked with small pieces of immediately killed rat. When the meat is properly processed, the oil should be filtered. Use of tampon soaked with this oil cures yonikanda when inserted in vagina.

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