Upapluta – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Upapluta is one among the 20 gynaecological disorders. It is caused due to aggravated kapha being pulled towards the female reproductive system by vitiated vata.
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Causative factors

When a pregnant woman –

  • Consumes foods capable of aggravating kapha
  • Indulges in mode of life capable of vitiating kapha and
  • Suppresses desire of vomiting and breathing

Vitiated kapha along with vata contaminate female reproductive system and causes upaplut
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Pathogenesis of Upluta

When pregnant woman consumes the above mentioned etiological factors, the vitiated vata pulls vitiated kapha towards the reproductive system of the woman, contaminates the organs therein i.e. vagina and uterus and produce abnormalities.

Symptoms of Upaluta

  • Pandum satodam aasraavam – pale / yellowish vaginal discharges associated with pricking pain
  • Shweta kapha sravam – white mucoid discharge
  • Kapha vata amaya vyapta – association of kapha and vata disorders of various kinds

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Master Vagbhata has given similar explanation as that of Charaka but has not restricted the explanation to pregnant women only. According to Vagbhata, this disease could happen in any women.

Modern correlation

The term Upaplut has many meanings. It means ‘over flowed’, ‘invaded’ or ‘afflicted’. Here we need to discuss this term of invasion of vagina / reproductive system of woman by vitiated vata and kapha and the painful symptoms like pale and white discharges, and painful vata and kapha conditions.

The closest modern disease which can be compared to upaplut is ‘vaginal thrush’ caused by candida albicans or ‘monilial vulvo-vaginitis’.
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Though this disease can occur in any women, pregnant women are more susceptible for this infection.

Sanskrit verse

Treatment of Upaluta

Use of Dhatakyadi Taila oil – Dhatakyadi taila should be used in the form of tampons, for massaging the back, hips and sacral areas of the woman suffering from upaplut. The same oil can be used for administering enema.
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Snehana, swedana, santarpana – After successive use of oleation and sudation, the satiation should be done by using disease destroying tampons.

Vata nashaka ahara – food substances capable of mitigating vata should be used in the diet.
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Shallakyadi taila siddha pichu – Oil should be prepared with decoction of Boswellia serrata, Odina woider, Syzygium cumini, Anogeissus latifolia and Panchavalkala i.e. bark of stem of 5 plants which have disease alleviating properties. Tampons soaked in this oil should be administered.

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