Aham Brahmasmi – The Most Premiere State Of Mind

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Self realization is a difficult task as it needs long term practice, fine tuning of mind, control of mental attitudes and practice of good morals followed with ability (paatratwa). But if one strives hard in this path way surely one can understand the power of self, being part of the noble soul-Paramatman or Para Brahman. 


If we just turn the pages of ancient Indian treatises, we can understand that this life is a great gift. Who has given this gift is the question. Even without in-depth knowledge of philosophy, understanding the origin and maintenance of this worldly object, we can assume that we are the part and portion of the great entity.

Acharya Shankara makes it clear in simple version in his compendium of knowledge Viveka Choodamani, how our attitude of being Brahman takes us to the most blissful, pleasureful position in the life.
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Sanskrit verse

The objects in this universe are not stable and they will not remain as it is. They are not real, stable or permanent. At any given point of time, one thing is changing to the other form.
Likewise, this gross body which is also not a real self. So, belief  that ‘I am the body’ is a wrong notice and ‘ I am the part of Infinite Brahman’ itself is ultimate truth.

This constant belief and practice will make us to become one with the supreme energy.
Our tiny consciousness can merge with the universal consciousness. In essence, we ourselves become God!
Aham = myself
Brahma Asmi = God
Aham Brahmsasmi = I am God.

This we feel whenever we watch superman movie. In the 2 – 3 hours of the movie, we will be so merged with the hero that, even after coming out of the theatre, we will still be walking with the style of superman.
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Acharya Shankara gives simile to make this true concept more clear.
It is similar to earthen pot or such other tools derived from mud or clay. Even though they take various shape and size, one day it should take the original shape of  soil and likewise the body embodied with soul (Jeeva) should merge with absolute soul; so better to accept now itself that we ourselves are the supreme Brahman.
Supreme Brahman, therefore peaceful, pleasureful, pure and non dual and beyond scope of time and space.

Another example that can be sleep and dream. We imagine place, time, objects and such other projections in our mind during sleep. For the moment, while dreaming, all things that we experience appears so real. We are joyful, happy, sad, frightened, tensed and totally engaged with the scene… till we come out of the dream and wake up.
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Similarly, in this ‘experience of life’ this universe and all its components look real but they are actually illusion. But due to ignorance, we perceive it as real. We deviate ourselves from the true journey of consciousness. We get distracted and roam directionless, in this mirage world.
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The Brahman, which is the ultimate reality is beyond
Jati (species, caste, creed),
Neeti (principles),
Kula (family),
Gotra (hierarchy),
Doorga (originality),
Nama (name),
Roopa (shape)
Guna-dosha (characters) etc.

But we give importance to colors, caste, shape etc. and forget about the ultimate truth that we are Self Brahmans and our original state of mind is above all these external variations of size and shape.

This beginning and endless immaculate mass of consciousness can take us to the extent of our ability and practice with contemplation in ones mind.
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The Brahma tatwa (concept) centralized this body reflect the vital principle of its universal existence in the heart of Yogis. Every individual will be Yogi if he links the power of self with Brahman.

This concept is is beyond this gross body like birth, growth, modification, reduction, disease and death. This cannot be known through sense organs, mind, experiments or clinical trials. Its enormous capacity can be assumed by concentrated intellect and a pure heart. 

It is the reason why we should appreciate and experience this Brahman principle which is homogenous, unchanging and constant.

Brahman is the cause of many functions and it negates all other causes; also it is beyond the cause and effects. It is the reason we should contemplate him (it) in our mind.

The Brahman whom we should contemplate in our mind will not take any kind of modification and is infinite. He is indestructible and imperishable. He/it is eternal, irreducible, blissful, without impurity and is noble.

Brahman is similar to a pure gold piece. It can be converted into any form or shape. But originality will not be lost and ultimately every ornament can be traced back to original gold itself. The ultimate Brahman is self effulgent, real, absolute, infinite and un-modifying.

So, one should appreciate and incorporate the knowledge of Self Brahman in one’s mind as per logic as well as references/sayings of the scriptures. This is the naked truth and proper understanding of this, will take us to the infinite self.

If one understands the Brahman strength and holiness, duality will not exist and the person will be beyond the capacity of self too.
With this self awareness of higher consciousness, we become pure, we start loving all humans, plants, animals and even microbes.

Our mind will stay in the state of happiness. Our selfless desires get materialized in quick time. We can influence people around us with happiness and positive energy. We will be eternal optimistic and this optimism becomes contagious.
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