Do You Need To Be Spiritual To Enjoy Ayurveda Benefits? [video]

If you are planning to get Ayurvedic treatment, do you need to be really spiritual to enjoy full Ayurveda benefits? 

If you are taking Ayurvedic treatment for any disease, the Ayurvedic doctor would prescribe you Panchakarma treatment, lifestyle changes,  home remedies and herbal medicines. The herbal medicines act by the virtue of the chemical constituents of the herbs in the medicine. For example, tannins, alkaloids and glycosides. They effect your health positively and benefit you. So, there is no involvement of spirituality.

But if you are seeking Ayurvedic intervention for a whole life makeover, then spirituality comes into play. Spirituality would help you improve life orientation, concentration, self confidence etc.

But as such, if you are spiritual, non spiritual, you belong to any sect, caste or religion, Ayurvedic treatment will definitely help you. You may not be necessarily spiritual to adopt Ayurveda in your life.

Ayurveda is for all, who seek good health.

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    • It depends upon the choice of Panchakarma, made by your doctor, number of days, the hospital set up, etc.
      For a one week schedule of Panchakarma treatment on an average, it may cost – somewhere between 2000 – 5000 rupees.


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