Visyandana – Ayurvedic Sweet Treat Of Children

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Every Ayurvedic food preparation has particular intention as well as health benefits. Other than the flavor and nutritious benefits, it is designed to satisfy particular category of people. Some may be for aged and few for women. Some are particular to pregnancy and rest few are for children.


Here is a preparation by name Visyandana from Traditional Ayurveda, especially for young kids that too whose teeth are yet to erupt.

This Ayurvedic sweet treat is very soft, soothing and moderately sweet so, it is moderately suitable to the children of 6 months to 2 year age group. It does not mean that it is not liked by other age group. Pregnants and old aged people too like it even though less liked by adults.
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Classical reference


Method of preparation:
Equal amount of milk and curd are taken and cooked well.
When it is reduced to half of its original amount, cooked red rice (made into fine paste), sesame seeds, black caraway, jack fruit seed powder and seed powder of lotus are added and cooked further.

Meanwhile ghee and sugar candy are added with equal amount to that of milk and cooking is continued till it is semisolid.
Fine powder of flavoring agents like ginger, pepper, long pepper, camphor etc can be added and on thorough mixing it is taken out of fire.
This is spread in a tray and made into slices/pieces on cooling.
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Word meaning

On proper cooling the moisture and ghee oozes out of the final preparation and hence probably the name Visyandana is given for this sweet recipe.
Instead of rice, wheat or ragi is also used by some people.


Qualities and Action:
This is sweet, unctuous, heavy, good for heart and nutritious in nature. So it is used in vata and pitta dominant conditions.
This is undoubtedly very nutritious sweet for children.
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  1. Sir , In Ayurvedic Visyandana , you are boiling Milk and Curd together. We have inherited a notion that Milk & Curd should not be mixed & that Curd or buttermilk should not be boiled.

    Can you clarify.


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