Green Gram Ginger Vada – Method Of Preparation, Benefits

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
With the word Vada, we usually imagine black gram Vada. In some parts of India, Vada is prepred with yellow gram, horse gram, red gram, pea nut etc. 


Here is a strange but tasty classical Ayurvedic food recipe – a sub variety of vada ; this is prepared by mainly two ingredients namely green gram and ginger.
In Hindi it is known as Adrakh Vada;
It is common in Odisha as well as in Maharashtra.
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Classical reference

Classical Reference: Bhavaprakasha nighantu-Kritaanavarga / 59-60

Preparation method

The green gram dough is made with water. It is brought to the shape of Vada.
It is fried in oil.
It is taken out of fire, allowed to cool down. It is crushed by hands to make powder.
To this powder, fried asafoetida (hingu), ginger, fine powder of pepper, cumin seeds, ajwain (dil seed), salt and lemon juice are added. Mixed.
Let us call this – “oil fried green gram spicy mix”. 

Some more amount of green gram powder is taken separately.
Water is taken in a vessel. Its mouth is tied with a cloth.
On the cloth, green gram powder is spread.
Water in the vessel is boiled.
By this, the green gram is indirectly cooked with steam of boiling water.
By this, green gram powder turns into paste / dough.

This dough is rolled into a thin roti. The above “oil fried green gram spicy mix” is stuffed inside it. The roti is rolled into the shape of Vada.
This Vada is fried in oil.
The fried vada is dipped in khadi or buttermilk/curd and served accordingly.
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Ruchya (appetizer), light for digestion, energizer, carminative, pacifies all three doshas.
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This can be used in morning breakfast or as snacks for evening hours.
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As it has moderate amount of spices and possesses balanced amount of oil and salt this is wholesome to all age group. More over the green gram is healthy and can be recommended to all.
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    I also didn’t understand. Sorry. Please write in steps so that everyone can understand please .

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