Satisfaction Is What We Find Inside, Not What We Get

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
An uneducated stone crushing worker may say “I am getting satisfaction by the work.” A learned professor may say she is not satisfied by her prescribed work in the work place. 

In fact they are the people who are really confused about the nature of the satisfaction or they really do not know what the satisfaction is.
Satisfaction is not the matter or substance which is outside and it comes from the inner depth of the mind.

Degree of satisfaction may vary from person to person but the way an individual is getting it will not be dependent on the outside work or endeavors.
It is the way how a person is tuned his mind to achieve satisfaction.

It is the reason why a good job, wealth, status, position, name fame etc may not result in satisfaction. What is needed is the mental makeup how he has tuned his mind and how one feels or perceives about his status in this universe.

A high salaried executive, a very famous actor, a melodious singer may be very successful but yet unsatisfied at the end of the day.
They may suffer with jealousy, comparing with others with respect to wealth, performance, etc.
A  government clerk may find satisfaction just by thinking he has served the public with utmost dedication.
A bus conductor or a a cab driver may find satisfaction just by thinking they have helped people to reach their places in time.

This means that the satisfaction is not elsewhere and it is an art as well as way of finding the joy with the presence and among the people or the world around you stay.

Wherever we go, we may find different place, location, scenery, strange people, different kind of work /task, consequences….. but you are the person who can feel about those or manage about those tasks or live or work by compromising each and every day and minute of life.

Getting work satisfaction by connecting with the purpose: 
If you can find the end goal of your work, then satisfaction can be derived.
A doctor helps the person to regain health and live happily.
A civil engineer builds bridges which helps millions of people to reach their places.
A kindergarten teacher builds the future of young children.

Satisfaction with a sense of detachment:
We have to train our mind to maintain concentration even in moments of adversities.
Meditation for at least 5 minutes a day, helps.
Pranayama for just 2 minutes a day helps.
A bhajan or devotional song for just 2 minutes helps.
Mindful Yoga for 10 minutes helps.
Reading a good spiritual book helps.
Connecting with a Spiritual Guru or people who know and share their spiritual knowledge definitely helps.

These above things and any other spiritual way that you follow, will help your mind with ultimate concentration, control jealousy, anger, hatred and keep your mind really calm, come what may.

In that concentrated state of your intellect, you can find peace.
In that peaceful, concentrated state of mind, you can find happiness.
In that peaceful, concentrated and happy state of mind, you can find satisfaction!
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God Sri Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavadgeeta
Mana eva manushyaanaam kaaranam bandha mokshayoh”.
The self mind is the only reason for the binding  (sorrow, dissatisfaction, pain etc) and liberation (salvation, happiness, satisfaction).

Probably by the above explanation the title words “Satisfaction Is What We Find And Not What We Get” may appear correct in true sense.

Stronger the mind, greater the thinking, the attitude is positive in every consequences, open to accept the situations at a glance (without opposing another’s ideologies),remaining without analysis of the events which occur daily and every part of this world and accepting the person in front you without any dilemma will keep us happy, healthy, cheerful and without distress.
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Chit (intellect / pleasure)
Ananda (happiness) are not accidental consequences.
They should be the day to day incident in every ones mind by feeling the glory of this world and our own birth/existence.
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