Hope Heals All The Wounds and Sorrows: Concept Of Ayurveda!


Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Whatever the research presented by the ‘Modern people’ or by the ‘Western scientists’ is quite true for us. We never think it twice and blindly appreciate it and adopt it accordingly.
Meanwhile we do not think what was the earlier perception and how it took so much of advancement in its knowledge. Also, we never give credit of the earlier literature or knowledge and claim that what the thing is presented on that day is ultimate and is ultimate truth.

Sorry for taking few additional sentences to attract the attention of health seekers to narrate the importance of confidence in healing process. The hope and care are indeed very close relative words in the context of healing process.

Even if good, powerful and proven medicines are prescribed to the patient, if the patient does not have the faith by himself and with the physician the treatment may not be successful. It is the reason why Surgeons do believe-“We will do the bandage; God heals it.” It means even the physicians do need the hope and confidence with Supreme power and it may be ‘Themselves (Soul)’ also.

Acharya Sushruta explains in Sushruta Samhita (2-3rd Century AD) in Sutrasthana 19th Chapter in shloka number 23 that –

सपदाद्यानुकूलाभिः कथाभिः प्रीतमानसः ।
आशावान् व्याधिमॊक्षाय क्षिप्रं सुखमवाप्नुयात् ॥”

It means that in the cure of the disease mainly depend upon your mind; the cure will be faster if the individual is stress free and cool and calm. If the individual has confidence and hope (followed with concentration), mind is strong enough and pleasure-full, It eases the process of healing or pacifying the ill health condition.

Acharya Vagbhat a(3-4th Century AD) too emphasized this factor by quoting the below given verse-
“ स्निग्धवृद्धद्विजादीनां कथाः शृण्वन् मनःप्रियाः ।
आशावान् व्याधिमॊक्षाय क्षिप्रं व्रणमपोहति ॥ ”  (Ashtanga hridaya sutrasthana29/42)

While explaining the norms of surgical practice Vagbhata narrates that ulcer gets cured instantly in the individuals who are hopeful of the cure. To attain this kind of confidence he may engage in listening the stories or music by the beloved ones, old aged or divine people.

I am very sure that the readers are convinced regarding the factor that why and how sacred rituals, hymns, prayers, offerings, blessings etc help in healing process.

I recollect and add an anonymous quote –“ Person can live without food for few months. Without water for few days. Without air for few minutes. But without hope not even few seconds! ”

This is not mere for mind related disorders but also for bodily ailments too.
Dear reader., Be Confident, hopeful, cheerful and enjoy the life in quite meaningful way.
Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
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  1. “Thy name is my healing, O my God, and rememberence of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee my companion…”

    Start of a Baha’í prayer. Thank you for such an interesting article!


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