Over A Period Of Time, My Metabolism Has Slowed Down

“Sir, I used to be fit, slim and healthy. But due to smoking / due to work and family stress / due to wrong eating habits, over a period of time, my metabolism has slowed down. I am no more a healthy person that I once was.” It is a very depressing confession that I hear once in a while from 30+ aged clients. Apart from discussing ways to improve metabolism, I would like to concentrate more on the thought process of the mind which declares that the body is unhealthy. 

slow metabolism

The disadvantage of naming a disease – There is a saying in Ayurveda which goes – “Though there are numerous diseases explained, sometimes it is better for a doctor to treat the patient only with his symptoms, rather than trying to name the disease.”

Now, I know that naming a disease is important. It is important to tell someone that he has diabetes. Because, the word ‘diabetes will restrict the person from excess of carbohydrates. ‘Hypertension’ would make someone start early morning walking.’ But there are times when naming a disease is a bad idea.

For example, ‘general weakness’ is a better word than ‘slow metabolism’. General weakness can be overcome ‘mentally’ by thinking about the measures that you can take to overcome the weakness. ‘Slow metabolism’ might settle your mind to the depth of a black hole.

‘Temporary state of sadness’ is lot better than ‘depression’. Dude, it is temporary okay? You can overcome it quickly with some effort.

Think about the measures –
Rather than being nostalgic about your bygone healthy years, start thinking about what you could do today to improvise your health.
Diabetes? High BP? Buy a pair of jogging shoes today.
High cholesterol? Buy some garlic pearls and start using it in your diet today.
Weak digestion strength? Who is stopping you from using ginger, cinnamon, curry leaves etc?
Smoking / alcohol habits? Replace those habits by joining an aerobics class today.
Lethargy, laziness? Wake up early and have cold water bath. For that, go to bed early tonight.
Aging fast? Chyawanprash, Amla, Triphala, Tulsi, Ashwagandha.. lot many options. Consult your Ayurveda doctor today.
Sleeplessness, Stress? Join yoga school that is there just a road next to your home, today.
Body ache? start having full body massage daily. No time for that? Follow this quick massage technique. It only takes 2 – 3 minutes.

Dear, its a bloody competitive world out there and you need to win it. The first step for that is having a healthy robust body and calm mind. There are some diseases where we can not cure completely by any of the above techniques. At least, make sure that it does not hurt your daily routine and positive attitude. It is possible.

Steve Jobs was formulating and launching iphones and ipads in the thick of his ill health. All we need is a positive mind which concentrates on solution at hand, rather than worrying about the illness.

Simple ways to improve metabolism

Exercise / walking / outdoor games
Yoga and Pranayama
Games and happiness
Regular use of ginger, cardamom, garlic, lemon, pepper, curry leaves, turmeric etc.
Regular massage and relaxation.
Good sleep and strict lifestyle.
Family, friends and hobbies.

Bottom line – How we treat our illness mentally, is as important as the actual treatment itself.

14 thoughts on “Over A Period Of Time, My Metabolism Has Slowed Down”

  1. Let me know what is the use of ‘BRUHATH THRIPHALA CHOORNAM’ is the icredients will help constipation and diabetics ?

    • Dear sir,
      Sorry that I do not know about it. If you can give its text book reference / manufacturer, I can try to get information.

  2. Very good article. Exactly, sometimes naming is good and sometimes very bad! Better to concentrate on health rather than disease! Thank you Dr Hebbar!!

  3. Very good and informative article.
    I am 41 yrs old and had my laproscopic hysterectomy 8 months back. I am already obese and there are more chances of getting more obese. Can you guide me pls.

  4. Thank you Dr Hebbar – your straightforward and active approach to health is really refreshing, and I am enjoying all your articles. It’s true – in the UK, we can get obsessed by trying to find a particular name for a disease, especially low mood and physical fatigue, and then become disempowered… Rather than just making positive changes. ????????


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