Snehopaga Gana: Adjuvants Of Oleation Treatment: Review, Formulations

This article is written by Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
Snehana (oleation) is one of the important pre operative procedures in all purification procedures of Ayurveda. That itself a main line of treatment in all kind of vatic disorders. It has significant role in Shamana therapy also. 

Classical literatures emphasize the oleaginous medicaments for both internal and external purpose.

In fact, there is more significant role is there of pre- cursors of oleation procedure.They are the adjuvants or enhancers of effect of the oleation.Ayurveda explains it as Snehopaga here’ sneha’ means ‘oleation’ and ‘upaga’ means which is’ helpful’ or ‘cursor’  ‘adjuvant’ or ‘promotor’. The drugs helpful for this purpose are called Snehopaga drugs.In true sense they increase the action of the oleation therapy and otherwise they are the bio enhancers with special reference to oleation.

Snehopaga Gana

Let us review the quality and action of these drugs one by one in brief-
Snehopaga  Gana drugs– adjuvants of Snehana (oleation treatment)

1. Mrudvika- Raisins (Vitis vinifera Linn.)-dry fruits
Unctous-heavy and coolant, tonic, energizer, laxative etc.

2. Madhuka – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra -Roots
Expectorant, rejuvinative, cholegogue, complexion enhancer, hair tonic  etc.

3. Madhuparni – Indian tinospora (stem) – Tinospora cordifolia-Stem
Anti pyretic, tissue replenisher, bitter tonic, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant etc.

4. Meda – Polygonatum cirrhifolium -Roots
Bulk enhancer, body stabilizer, nervine tonic, tissue builder etc.

5. Vidari (Ipomoea paniculata / Pueraria tuberosa)-Tubers
Nutritive, nourishing, bulk enhancer, laxative etc.

6. Kakoli – Fritillaria roylei-Roots
Rejuvinative, energizer, galactogogue, restorative, soothener etc.

7. Ksheerakakoli – Lilium polyphyllum-Roots
Bulk enhancer, coolant, galactogogue, anti oxidant, soothener, tissue replenisher etc.

8. Jivaka – Malaxis acuminate-Roots
Galactogogue, nutritive, nourishing, energy restorative, immune modulator  etc.

9. Jivanti – Leptadenia reticulata –Tubers/Stem
Eye tonic, energizer, eye tonic, oleaginous, galactogogue, coolant etc.

10. Shalaparni (Desmodium gangeticum D C.)-Roots
Galactogogue, diuretic, rejuvinative, anti imnflammatory, analgesic, aphrodisiac etc. 

Qualities, Actions

Qualities in general and actions of Snehopaga gana drugs:
These are unctuous-heavy-slow-thick and soft in quality. Most of the drugs are sweet in nature and undergo Madhura vipaka (Sweet metabolic change).They are rich with Ap and Prithwi mahabhoota. Majority of the ingredients are cold in potency.

They act as nutritive, rejuvinative, nourishing, oleaginous, anti oxidants  and tissue replenishers in action.

Therapeutic uses

Therapeutic uses of Snehopaga gana drugs:
The drugs of this group are useful in dry skin conditions, vatic disorders, neuro muscular disorders, muscular dystrophy, wasting disorders etc.

Ayurvedic medicines

Formulations containing Snehopaga drugs :
Drakshadi ghrita, Drakshavaleha, Yashtyadi ghrita, Jeevantyadi ghrita, Vidaryadi ghrita, Yashtimadhuka taila, Kakolyadi kashaya, Drakshadi kashaya etc are the few important formulations of this Gana.


Disadvantages of Snehopaga gana drugs:
They are recommendable in the patients who have severe indigestion or mal digestion. As the drugs are nutritive and nourishing in nature they are better to be avoided in obesity and relative conditions.

Simple formulations

Simple formulations that can be made from the above drugs and their application in routine practice:
Yashtimadhu is mixed with ghee or oil and applied to the body parts in dry skin conditions or the dryness caused in general during winter season. Jeevanti cooked with ghee is very effective in foot crack and in cracking of the lips and hand.

Medicated milk of Jeevanti or Yashtimadhu or combination of both is quite effective as antacid and to overcome the dryness and roughness of the body surface.

Formulation development opportunities:
As the drugs of above  group and oleaginous and having the ability to promote the unctuousness the suitable external applications can be made like ghee ,oil, Malahara (ointment) etc. Syrups or decoctions formulated out of these drugs can be applied successfully in weakness, general debility etc.
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