Sandhaneeya Gana Herbs:  Review, Benefits, Formulations

By  Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.
Word Sandhaneeya refers to the substance which helps in the uniting process of the tissues especially the connective tissues; mainly the muscles and bones are united in the cases where they are torn or damaged. Otherwise in simple words they are the drugs helpful for wound healing and bone healing process. 

Sandhaneeya Gana

As they are the ingredients which are helpful to correct the damage caused in the body they are very essential in day to day routine medicinal process. Proper knowledge about these ingredients will help us to correct the tissue damage and to enhance the healing processing when other medicines are consumed (of any medicinal system).

Classical reference

Classical reference of Sandhaniya Herbs: Charaka sutra 4/9

Let us review the quality and action of these drugs one by one in brief-

Madhuka – Licorice –  Glycyrrhiza glabra– Root
Expectorant,  binding, healing, rejuvinative, cholegogue, complexion enhancer etc.

Madhuparni – Indian tinospora  –  Tinospora cordifolia- Stem
Anti inflammatory, anti pyretic, immune modulator, analgesic, anti pyretic, rejuvinative, wound healing etc.

Prishnaparni – Uraria picta- Roots
Tonic, galactogogue, tissue binding, energizer, diuretic, aphrodisiac etc

Ambasthaki (Cissampelos pareira Linn.)- Roots
Astringent tonic, steptic, uterine tonic, energizer etc.

Samanga – Rubia cordifolia- Stem/ whole plant
Blood purifier, tissue strengthener, binding, circulation provider, free radical scavenging, alkalizer  etc.

Mocharasa (Salmania malabarica Schott & Endl.)- Resin/ stem bark
Steptic,  coolant, anti diarrhoeal, uterine function regulator etc.

Dhataki – Woodfordia fruticosa- Flowers
Tonic, rejuvinative, energizer, healing, tissue binding etc.

Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)- Stem bark
Uterine function regulator, healing, steptic,  astringent tonic etc.

Priyangu (Callicara macrophylla) – Seeds
Anti inflammatory, analgesic, anti pyretic, wound healing, fracture healing etc.

Katphala – Myrica nagi- Bark – Box Myrtle
Vaso constrictor, broncho- dilator, wound healing, anti tussive etc.

Qualities, action

Qualities in general and actions of Sandhaneeya gana drugs:
The drugs enumerated under the heading of Sandhaneeya gana are sweet mixed astringent in nature and rich with Prithwi and Ap mahabhoota (earth and water basic elements).
Most of the drugs are cold in potency ad undergo pungent kind of metabolic transformation. They are usually hot in potency.

These drugs are wound healing, tissue building and rejuvinative drugs. Few of the drugs improve blood circulation, provide the energy and act as free radical scavenging agents.

Therapeutic uses

Therapeutic uses of Sandhaneeya gana drugs:
These drugs individually or in combinations helpful in fracture, dislocation, arthritis, degenerative joint disorders, circulatory discomforts, neuritis, gouty arthritis etc.

Ayurvedic formulations

Formulations containing Sandhaneeya drugs :
Gandha taila
Mahamanjishthadi khada,
Pushyanuga choorna,
Maharaja prasarini taila,
Manjishthadi taila,
Lodhrasava etc are the few important formulation possessing few of these ingredients in various proportions.


Disadvantages of Sandhaneeya gana drugs:

No any absolute contra indications can be traced out for these drugs. However the individuals with lesser clotting factor should prescribe these herbs with little caution.

Simple formulations that can be made from the above drugs and their application in routine practice:
In cases like petechial haemorrhage or bleeding from the capillaries fine paste of Yashtimadhu (Madhuka) or Ambashthaki or Mocharasa can be applied.
Fine powder of Madhuka and Lodhra are found to be excellent in arresting the bleeding from any parts of the body.

Formulation development opportunities:
In the cases or patients who are having compromised immunity and hurdles are found regarding healing process or union of the fractured area the tablets or decoctions made out of the above said drugs can be used. Medicated oils can also be prepared by taking the suitable base oils. Good scope can be traced while preparing the liniments and ointments, out of the above said ingredients.
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