Brimhaneeya Gana Herbs: Review, Benefits, Formulations

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
Brimhaneeya Gana refers to nourishing and weight gaining group of herbs. Such drugs are indeed needed while treating several emaciating disorders as well as Neuro- muscular disorders.  

They are helpful to gain the musculature, overcome the emaciation, to pacify the immunological disorders, chromosome or gene linked diseases, few of the inherited disorders etc.

Such drugs are unctuous, heavy, soft and stable in nature. Most of the drugs are sweet mixed bitter in taste and they undergo sweet kind of bio transformation (Vipaka) and few of them are exception for that.

Brimhaneeya Gana

Classical reference: Charaka sutra 4/9

Let us review the quality and action of these drugs one by one in brief-
1. KsheeriniMimosops hexandra
Brimhana (nourisher), Sthairyakara (stabilizer), Vajikara (aphrodisiac), Balavardhaka (energizer), Sandhaneeya (tissue metabolizer),
Ropana(healing) etc.

2. Rajakshavaka – Euphorbia microphylla.
Balya (tonic),
Rasayana (rejuvenating),
Sthairyakara (stabilizer),
Dardhyakara (bulk enhancer) etc.

3. Ashwagandha – Winter Cherry / Indian ginseng (root) – Withania somnifera.
Balya (tonic), Vrishya (aphrodisiac), Rasayana (immuno-modulator),
Brimhana (nourisher),
Manobalya (soothener),
Sanjakara (anxyolytic) etc.

4. Kakoli Fritillaria roylei– Root
Rasayana (rejuvinative),
Sthanyavardhaka (galactogogue),
Prahladakara (soothener) etc.

5. Kshira Kakoli Roscoea purpureaLilium polyphyllum-Root
Brimhana (bulk enhancer),
Sheetala (coolant),
Manaprasadaka (soothener),
Rasayana (tissue replenisher) etc.

6. Vatyayani – Country mallow (root) – Sida cordifolia.
Vatahara (Nervine tonic),
Balya (rejuvinative),
Shothahara (anti inflammatory),
Shoolahara (analgesic) etc.

7. BhadraudaniSida cordifolia Linn.-Root
Vatahara (Nervine tonic),
Balya (rejuvinative),
Shothahara (anti inflammatory),
Shoolahara(analgesic) etc.

8. BharadvajiThespesia lampas.
Mamsavardhaka (bulk enhancer),
Balya (energizer),
Mutrala (diuretic),
Sthairyakara (body stabilizer) etc.

9. PayasyaIpomoea paniculata
Sthanyavardhaka (galactogogue),
Vrishya (aphrodisiac),
Mamsavardhaka(bulk enhancer),
Sandhaneeya(unite the joints) etc

10. Rushyagandha (?)-
Dardhyakara(stabilizer) etc.

Therapeutic uses

Therapeutic uses of Brimhaniya gana drugs:
The formulations containing all the above ingredients or any of these ingredients are useful in post fever debility, emaciating disorders, chronic cough, nervine disorders, peripheral neuritis, geriatric health issues etc.

Ayurvedic formulations

Formulations containing Brimhaneeya gana drugs :
Ajamasa rasayana,
Mahamasha taila – It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of Paralysis, Palsy, deafness, tinnitus etc.
Brahma Rasayana,
Chyavana Prasha,
Samisha mashataila,
Brimhani gutika,
Vrishya gutika  – used for sexual disorders etc are the classical formulations containing the herbs from this group.


Disadvantages of Brimhaneeya gana drugs:
Such drugs are heavy for digestion and hence administered after proper digestive and carminative medicaments or else they are admixed with such ingredients and administered. As they are bulk enhancers in the patients who are hefty, suffering from Kaphaja disorders, who have severe indigestion etc to be avoided.

Simple formulations that can be made from the above drugs and their application in routine practice:
The drugs suitable for the individuals complaints are selected and simple formulations like powder or decoction can be made and used. The drugs like Payasya – Ipomoea paniculata can be made into fine powder or medicated milk is made and can be administered to the breast feeding mothers where instant nutrition and nourishment is a must. Likewise Ashwagandha ksheerapaka or Bala ksheerapaka etc can also be prepared and they find wide application like fatigue, loss of strength, work exhaustion, sexual debility etc.

Formulation development opportunities:
As the ingredients are energizers, rejuvenators, aphrodisiacs and tonics they can be modified into suitable formulations like lehya or tablet and can be used in Sports medicine, for the individuals who work out  the Gym, indulge in body building, weight lifting, wrestling etc.
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