Tylophora asthmatica (Anantmul) Remedies And Health Benefits

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.


Tylophora asthmatica is an Ayurvedic herb. Previously, this herb was not frequently used probably due to  less availability. This is widely used in traditional and folklore practice.  

Asclepiadaceae family.
Hindi name – Anantmul, Antamul,
English names – Indian Ipecac, Indian ipecacuanha, emetic swallow-wort, vomiting swallow-wort
Sanskrit name – Antrapachan, Antrapachak, Moolini, Moolarasna, Pitta valli etc in Sanskrit.

This is a climber found most commonly in Srilanka, Myamnar, Pakisthan etc neighbor countries. In India also large amount of the drug is found especially in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Assam, Bengal, Odisha, Kerala etc.

The leaves and roots are used in therapeutics.
In few of the Mumbai herbal market it is sold in the name of Rasna or as a substitute for Rasna.

It is rich with the chemical constituents such as Tylophorine, Tylophorinine, and few of the volatile oils.
The roots act as emetics, expectorants, diaphoretics, digestives, laxatives and blood purifiers. The leavers too possess the same constituents but in lesser extent. Both the leaves and roots if used in large amount in children may cause severe vomiting and act as fatal.

Home remedies

Here are few simple and effective remedies of Tylophora asthmatica and their health benefits of summarized below-

Gouty arthritis

1. Fine paste of the leaves and roots in gouty arthritis:
The wet roots or leaves or together made into fine paste and applied over the affected joints in case of gouty arthritis. 5-8 days medication helps to reduce the swelling, discoloration and pain.

Syphilis, blood borne disorders

2. Hot infusion of the roots for syphilis and blood borne disorders:
1-2 gram of the root powder is added to 50-60 ml of hot water and kept for a while. This is filtered and administered, twice daily. It is found to be useful in syphilis and blood borne disorders.

To induce vomiting

3. Fine powder of the leaf for inducing vomiting in food poisoning and in asthma:
1-3 gram of the powder is mixed with water and taken. This induces vomiting and the technique is useful in food poisoning and acute asthma conditions.

Cough, asthma

4. Fine powder of roots of  asthmatica and liquorice (Glyccirhiza glabra) for phlegm, cough, asthma etc:
Fine powder of the drug is mixed with Yashtimadhu in 1:4 ratio and administered in the quantity of 300-600 mg three to more times a day. This is effective in phlegm, cough, asthma etc.

Gouty arthritis

5. Leaf powder with the decoction of Guduchi (Tinospora cardofoila) for gouty arthritis:
250 mg of the root powder is administered along with 50-60 m l of decoction of Guduchi twice daily in gouty arthritis. This is found to be effective in gouty arthritis conditions and chronic skin diseases.

Searching for the market and creating market for the available raw drugs are the two important entities what the present day ayurvedic raw drugs really in need. If few of the firms and ayurvedic industries create new avenue by introducing such less known/practiced drugs and more available drugs in future days, surely much strength and energy of the youth will pay dividend for their works. Also endangered and less available drugs can be saved and nature can be protected in judicial way.
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