Garden Pepper Cress (Aliv Seed) Lepidium sativum Remedies: Gout, Leucorrhea

This article is by Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD.
Garden Pepper Cress seeds and sprouted grains are used as remedies in Ayurveda. Lepidium sativum seeds are rich sources of Iodine, Phosphorous and Potassium. They are also called Aliv Seeds.
Glucotropaeolin is the main glucoside found in the seeds. Due to this it acts as a potent anti ageing, rejuvenating and aphrodisiac herb. 

It is called Chandrashua in Ayurveda.
Botanical name – Lepidium sativum Linn
Cruciferae family
English name – Common cress, Garden Pepper Cress, Garden Cress

Ayurveda explains that the seeds are light, unctuous and slippery in nature. It undergoes pungent bio transformation (Katu vipaka) and possesses hot potency (Ushna veerya). Due to the above said qualities it acts as Kapha vata shamaka.
Its vatahara action can be appreciated externally as well as internally.
Bhavaprakasha refers its main indications especially in the disorders like hiccup, diarrhoea, gout etc. Another text Shodhala nighantu appreciates its potent action like Carminative, digestive, appetizing, diuretic, galactogogue, emmenogogue etc.
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Home remedies


Application of fine paste of Chandrashoora and cumin seeds in gout:
Lepidium sativum and cumin seeds are taken and fine powder is made. By adding water or lemon juice fine paste is made. This is applied over the joints to relieve swelling and pain.

Hiccup, gastritis

Hot infusion of the seed in hiccup and gastritis:
One teaspoon of seed powder or seeds as such is taken and soaked in 1 cup of hot water, for a while. This is filtered and taken when it gets cold. This is effective in hiccup, bloating, gastritis.

Poor digestion, nausea

Fine powder of Garden Cress with jaggery or ghee in poor digestion and nausea:
Chandrashoora seeds are made into fine powder and taken along with jaggery or ghee or both. This helps to improve the appetite, reduce the burping or bloating and nausea.

To improve lactation

Medicated milk of Chandrashoora to improve lactation and to strengthen the mother:
One tablespoon of seed powder is cooked with one cup of milk. To this little ghee or sugar is added and taken once daily, preferably during night, before food. This helps to strengthen the body and to improve/increase the breast milk both qualitative and quantitatively.
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Leucorrhoea, back ache

Seed paste prepared by soaking the seeds with jaggery water for leucorrhoea and in back ache:
Seeds are soaked with jaggery water and fine paste is made. This is taken during the evening hours – 1 teaspoon. This helps to reduce the back ache, leucorrhoea, pre-menstrual headache etc.

Recent studies have shown that the seeds are effective to improve the height of the children and to boost the physical growth during puberty of both the genders. In few of the countries people use its leaves in the treatment of scurvy as well as gingivitis.
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2 thoughts on “Garden Pepper Cress (Aliv Seed) Lepidium sativum Remedies: Gout, Leucorrhea”

  1. is this similiar or same as Garden Cress (Aliv seeds). If not, where can find these seeds? Any recommendations for consumption for Lactating mothers?

    • All three are one and the same.
      One tablespoon of aliv seed powder is cooked with one cup of milk. To this little ghee or sugar is added and taken once daily, preferably during night, before food.


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