Ayurvedic Way of Making Ghewar, Benefits

By Prof. Vd Rangaprasad Bhat.

Ayurveda explains about a sweet dish preparation which resembles the sweet Ghewar, a dessert of Rajasthan. It is called Ghrutapura in Sanskrit and it is from a 14th text book – Ayurveda Mahodadhi. 


The ingredients required :-
finely powdered wheat flour,
white candy sugar,
Edible camphor
Black pepper and ghee


Method of preparation

Method of preparation of ghewar:
Prepare a sugar syrup and keep it aside.
Mix the ghee in little amount of water and whisk it to get a white coloured paste.
Wheat flour is added with milk and a paste is made.
To the above obtained ghee, add the wheat flour, white sugar candy, camphor, black pepper mixture, slowly – little by little and make it into a soft paste.
To the above paste start adding little by little of water to liquefy the above paste into a thin and liquid batter. Take care to dissolve all paste and no lumps remain in the batter.
Now place a deep, flat and wide mouthed pan over the source of fire with the fire being maintained in range between sim and moderate. Add 3 to 4 tsp  ghee to the pan and allow it to liquefy.

Take the batter (after properly mixing once again) in a ladle and start pouring it over the heated ghee in the pan. Start poring at the center of the pan and spread it covering all across the pan. (The method of pouring the batter is to be followed as one does in case of preparation of Rava dosa or neer dosa).

Allow the thin layer of batter to get fried in the pool of ghee until it becomes yellowish brown. Care may be taken to use the flat spoon or ladle to press the frying batter further get immerse into the pool of the ghee floating in the pan for better frying to beget a crispy layer of round and porous Ghritapura.

When once the Ghritapura is fried into a crispy layer, remove it from the pan and let it for cooling down over a wide plate.
Now take the cooled sugar syrup prepared as mentioned in step one, and start pouring it over the porous layer of the Ghritapura to fill the pores and soak them with the cumin.
The thus prepared Ghritapura is ready to be served for eating or stored in an air tight vessel.

An alternative variant –  where in the procedure is same as above but the ingredient is coconut milk instead of the cow’s milk mentioned in the first process.

Benefits of Ghewar

The Ghritapura provides physical strength and increases the virility.
By its virtue of coolant potency and sweet taste it controls the Vata and Raktapitta (bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, heavy periods, ulcerative colitis, etc), but increases Kapha Dosha.
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Ghritapura/Chandarika (Hindi-Ghevar)
Method of preparation:
Same above said mixture is taken and cooked with ghee in a pan or in a pan with multiple pits designed especially for that. While cooking ghee is added in sufficient amount ( now a days oil is also added).
Note: Few add small amount of jaggery also to get the sweet taste.

Energizer, heavy for digestion, tasty, bulk enhancer, sweet, cold.

Indication, application

Neuro muscular disorders, bleeding disorders etc. Excess intake may increase Kapha dosha.
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