5 Walnut (Akhrot) Remedies: Skin Glow, Fatigue, Dry Cough, Bodyache

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.


Akrhot are well known antioxidant rich drupaceous nut. It has immuno-modulatory actions, memory enhancing benefits and nervine tonic effects. The classical texts like Bhavaprakasha and Nighantu ratnakara referred it by the name Akshotaka or Akshoda. 

Botanical name – Juglans regia
Family: Juglandaceae
Seed marrow is the most usable fruit part. The leaves and stem are also used for medicinal purpose by the folk healers.

The trees are found abundantly in Himalayan ranges and Kashmir is the main habitat of this plant.
The seed pulp contains oxalic acid and barium.
The marrow is sweet in taste and hot in potency. It increases Kapha and Pitta Dosha and balances Vata.
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Home remedies

Few simple remedies of walnut are mentioned here below-

To improve skin complexion

1. Fine paste of walnut for enhancing the complexion of the skin:
1 or 2 walnuts are taken and fine paste is made by rubbing with cow’s milk. This is applied over the face. This acts as a good complexion enhancer.
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Fatigue, neuritis

2. Medicated milk of Akhrot for fatigue, neuritis, diabetic neuropathy, sexual debility etc:
3-4 walnuts are taken and fine powder/paste is made. This is cooked with cow’s milk and taken. As per one’s  liking sugar may be added. This helps to overcome for fatigue, neuritis, diabetic neuropathy, sexual debility etc. This is good for improving sleep. 

Dry cough

3. Fried seeds with sugar candy in dry cough:
3-4 seeds are fried a little (without adding oil) and by adding equal amount of sugar candy it is powdered. This is taken 3-4 times in a day. This effectively pacifies dry cough.

Tooth powder

4. Bark powder as tooth powder:
The stem bark is collected and dried. This is powdered and used as tooth powder. This strengthens the teeth and gums. 

Lethargy, body ache

5. Walnut and jaggery confection in lethargy, body ache and muscular pain:
Equal amount of jaggery and walnut powder are taken and Laddu is made. As per ones liking clove or cardamom may be added. This is taken daily in the evening. This is a very good nutritive and energizer. It pacifies lethargy, bodyache and muscular pain. This strengthens the hair and prevents hair fall also. 

Dry fruit is a treasure of multiple health elements –minerals and essential nutrients. Regular usage of dry fruits not only keeps us healthy and energetic; they increase our strength and prevent from nutritional deficiencies.
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  1. Dr Krishnamurthy, my very first teacher of Ayurveda said to cook walnuts with jaggery, not to have on their own. What would be the reason? By sugar candy do you mean rock candy (mishri)? Thank you.


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