Ayapan Remedies: Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Wounds, UTI

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.


Aayapan is a shrub with beautiful violet flowers. It is a Brazilian plant, nowadays found in India especially in Bengal and Himalayan ranges. Even though it is hot in potency it balances Kapha and Pitta Dosha. 

The plant is botanically identified as Eupatorium triplinerve Vent .
Even though the leaves are rich with medicinal principles, whole plant is used in therapeutics.

Chemical composition

It contains the important chemical constituents like Herniarin, a methoxy analog of umbelliferone, while its essential oil contains thymohydroquinone dimethyl ether. It is also a rich source of naturally occurring coumarin chemicals which is found to be effective against several cancer causing agents.

Part used

The stem and leaves remain as main source of active constituents and hence therapeutic agents.
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Home remedies

Some of the simple remedies of ayapanam are –

To stop bleeding

1. Fine paste of the leaves as styptic to stop bleeding in wounds:
A fist full of leaves are taken  and fine paste is made or else fresh juice is obtained. This is applied to the bleeding spots or open wounds. It helps to stop the bleeding immediately.


2. Fine paste of Ayapana and Amla in haemorrhoids:
The leaf paste of ayapanam and fresh juice of Amla (gooseberries)  are mixed well. A cotton gauze is taken and dipped in this mixture and applied /retained in the base of the anus. This helps to arrest the bleeding hemorrhoids and also helps to shrink the hemorrhoid size.

Insect bite

3. Fine paste of turmeric and ayapanam in insect bite:
Fine  paste of the leaves and small amount of turmeric powder is applied to the lesions of insect bite or scorpion bite. This reduces the burning sensation and swelling of the bite area.

Mouth ulcers, bleeding gums

4. Fine powder oral retention or gargling in mouth ulcers and bleeding gum:
Half a teaspoon of fine powder of Ayapan is taken (if necessary powder of Yastimadhu- licorice can also be added) and retained in the mouth for 5-10 minutes or gargled. This can be repeated 3-4 times a day. This pacifies the complaints like mouth ulcers, bleeding gum, sensitive tooth etc.
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UTI, haematuria

5. Hot infusion for recurrent Urinary tract infections and haematuria (blood in urine)
1 or 2 teaspoon of Ayapana leaves or whole plant powder is taken and added to 100 ml of hot water. On retaining it for 15 minutes it is filtered and used in lukewarm condition.While taking little organic jaggery or sugar is added and taken.
3-4 days medication twice daily each day will help to cure the repeated episodes of burning during urination , haematuria, UTI etc.

Now a days several modern medicaments too incorporate the drug Ayapana as such or its derivatives are included in several ophthalmic preparations as well as styptic remedies. Even though in its fresh form the drug is more beneficial proper methods of storage and preservation of the constituents may help the pharmaceutical industries to gain lot more from this drug.
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