Vidhura Marma: Components, Location, Effect Of Injury

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Vidhura is an important Marma i.e. vital or delicate point in the body. It is located at the back of the ear. It is predominantly made up of snayu (ligaments and tendons).  

Vidhura Marma
कर्ण पृष्ठतो अधः संश्रिते विधुरे, तत्र बाधिर्यम्।(सु.शा.६/२७)


Vidhura Marma is located exactly behind and below the ear. They are 2 in number and located on either side of the neck.


Categories in which the Vidhura Marma is included
Vidhura Marma is classified into various categories. They are as below mentioned –

i) Shiro-Greeva Gata Marma (Shiro = Head, Greeva = Neck)
ii) Snayu Marma – Vidhura marma is predominantly made up of Snayu i.e. ligaments and tendons. The other elements namely Asthi (Bones), Siraa (blood vessels, veins), Sandhi (bony joints) and Mamsa (muscles) are also present but in a lesser proportion.

iii) Vaikalyakara Marma – (Vaikalya kara – deformity forming) Vidhura Marmas when injured are said to produce deformity of that part of the body.


Pramana (measurement of Vidhura Marma) –
Vidhura Marma occupies a space of ½ angula dimension (approximately equal to the horizontal dimension or breadth of middle segment of one’s own middle finger)

Effect of Injury

तत्र बाधिर्यम्।(सु.शा.६/२७)
Injury of Vidhura Marma causes deformity.
Injury of Vidhura Marma leads to Baadhirya i.e. deafness.

Modern perspective

Modern Perspective (Practical anatomy) of Vidhura Marma
Structures falling in the area of Vidhura Marma –

  • Middle ear cavity
  • Posterior auricular artery
  • Posterior auricular veins
  • Tympanic membrane
  • Structures of the Middle Ear

Though all the elements which comprise a marma i.e. asthi (bones), mamsa (muscles), siraa (veins) and sandhi (joints) are all present in the site of this Marma, it is predominant in the snayu (ligaments and tendons) making up the Vidhura Marma, therefore it is a Snayu Marma.

When Vidhura marma gets damaged, the effect of injury will chiefly involve the ligaments and tendons around the ear in comparison to the extent of damage caused to other tissues.

Just Before Finishing
Vidhura Marma is related to the ear and ear functions. It is made up of important structures of the middle ear including tympanic membrane, ear ossicles (small bones in the middle ear), the important nerves of the ear and Eustachian tube. These structures take part in conduction, modulation and alteration of sound waves. They help in mechanism of hearing. According to Ayurveda it is the site of Shravana Indriya (mechanism of hearing). Any injury to the Vidhura Marma can cause deafness.
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