Parshwa Sandhi Marma: Components, Location, Effect Of Injury

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Parshwa Sandhi is an important Marma i.e. vital or delicate point of the body. They are 2 in number, located at the lower portion of the hip bones, one on each side of the Prishta Vamsha (spine, backbone). 

Paarshwa means abdominal sides, Sandhi means junction
Paarshwa Sandhi Marmas, depending on the explanation given in treatises is located in the junction of the abdominal sides and pelvis (hip bones making the pelvis).

Paarshwa Sandhi Marma
अधः पार्श्व अन्तर प्रतिबद्धौ जघन पार्श्व मध्ययोः तिर्यक् ऊर्ध्वं च जघनात् पार्श्वसन्धी, तत्र लोहितपूर्ण कोष्ठतया म्रियते।(सु.शा.६)


Parshwa Sandhi Marmas are located 1 on each side of at the junction of abdominal sides and hip bones. They are said to be placed at Jaghana Paarshwa Madhya region i.e. between the lateral and medial parts of the hip bone (on either side). Each Paarshwa Sandhi Marma measures ½ angula in dimension.


Categories in which the Paarshwa Sandhi Marma is included
i) Prushta Gata Marma (Prushta = Back)

ii) Siraa Marma – Parswa Sandhi marma is predominantly made up of Sira i.e. veins, which form the structural component of this Marma. Therefore it is classified under Siraa Marma. The other elements namely Snayu (ligaments), Asthi (bone), Sandhi (joints) and Mamsa (muscles) are also present but in a lesser proportion.

iii) Kaalantara Praanahara Marma – (Kaalantara – Gradual, Pranahara – life taking) Paarshwa Sandhi Marma is said to produce death over a period of time, gradually.


Pramana (measurement of Paarshwa Sandhi Marma) –
Paarshwa Sandhi Marma occupies a space of ½ angula dimension (approximately equal to the horizontal dimension or breadth of middle segment of one’s own middle finger). Each Paarshwa Sandhi Marma (right and left) has same dimensions.

Effect of Injury

तत्र लोहितपूर्ण कोष्ठतया म्रियते।(सु.शा.६)
Injury of Paarshwa Sandhi Marma causes gradual death.

When Paarshwa Sandhi Marma gets injured it leads to lohita koshta i.e. blood filled cavities sequentially leading to gradual death.

Modern perspective

Modern Perspective (Practical anatomy) of Paarshwa Sandhi Marma
Structures falling in the area of Paarshwa Sandhi Marma –
Renal arteries (blood vessels supplying the kidneys)
Renal veins (blood vessels draining the kidneys)

Though all the elements which comprise a marma i.e. snayu (ligaments), mamsa (muscles) asthi (bones) and sandhi (joints) are all present in the site of this Marma, it is predominant in the Sira or blood vessels vis-à-vis veins making up the Paarshwa Sandhi Marma, therefore it is a Sira Marma.

When Paarshwa Sandhi marma gets damaged, the effect of injury will chiefly involve the important veins located in the vicinity of Paarshwa Sandhi Marma in comparison to the extent of damage caused to other tissues.
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