Guda Marma: Anatomical Location, Effect Of Injury

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
The term Guda, as per Ayurveda covers rectum and anus. It is predominant in Mamsa dhatu (muscle tissue) and is one of the delicate and vital points of the body. 

Guda Marma
तत्र वात वर्चो निरसनं स्थूल अन्त्र प्रतिबद्धं गुदं नाम मर्म तत्र सध्यो मरणम्।(सु.शा.६)


Guda is located in the Madhya Shareera, in the trunk region. It is in continuity with Sthula Antra – Large Intestine. Like the large intestine, Guda is also a site of Apana Vata.
Injury to Guda Marma is said to take away the life immediately.


Categories in which the Guda Marma is included
i) Madhya Shareera Gata Marma, Udara Gata Marma (Madhya Shareera = present in the middle portion of the body, trunk, Udara = abdomen).

ii) Mamsa Marma – It is predominantly made up of mamsa i.e. muscle tissue. The other elements namely Sira (blood vessels), Asthi (bone), Sandhi (joints) and Snayu (ligaments, tendons, nerves) are also present but in a lesser proportion.

iii) Sadhyo Praanahara Marma – (Sadhyo – Immediate, Pranahara – life taking) Guda Marma possesses a threat to life immediately after getting injured.


Pramana (measurement of Guda Marma) –
Guda Marma occupies a space of 4 angula dimension (approximately equal to the horizontal dimension or breadth of middle segment of one’s own middle finger)

Effect of Injury

तत्र सध्यो मरणम्।(सु.शा.६)
Injury leads to immediate death, due to below causes:
Vata disturbance – Guda is an important site of Vata. Vata controls all the activities in the body. When guda is injured, the Vata is disturbed and in turn the disturbed vata causes damaging impact on the body and its functions.

Vata-Varcha Sanga – Blockage of stools (feces) and flatus (fart) leads to Udavarta i.e. retrograde (reverse) movement of Vayu. This further puts pressure on vital organs of abdomen and heart leading to disturbance of many functions which will eventually lead to systemic failure leading to death.

Mala Ati Pravritti – Excessive discharge or elimination of feces is also troublesome. Mala or feces is said to be strength to the body when the excretion takes place in normal quantities. Excessive elimination of feces, especially when loose or bloody stools pass out without control it leads to dehydration and death.

Modern perspective

Modern Perspective (Practical anatomy) of Guda Marma
Structures falling in the area of Guda Marma –

  • Anus, Anal canal
  • Rectum
  • Sphincter muscles of anus
  • Levator ani muscles
  • Inferior haemorrhoidal vessels
  • Nerve plexus supplying anus and surrounding tissues

Though all the elements which comprise a marma i.e. sira (blood vessels), snayu (ligaments), asthi (bones) and sandhi (joints) are all present in the site of this Marma, it is predominant in the Mamsa dhatu or muscle tissue, therefore it is a Mamsa Marma.

When Guda marma gets damaged, the effect of injury will chiefly involve the muscles present in the area in comparison to the extent of damage caused to other tissues.

Just Before Finishing
Anal canal is one of the important and vital organ (part) of our body. It serves in excreting the contaminants, waste substances of metabolism and toxins of our body. Thus it helps in keeping our body clean, safe and healthy. Guda is a Marma and is also an important Karmendriya (functional or motor organ) which participates in mala utsarga i.e. excretion of unwanted wastes. Its health is of prime importance.
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