Patha Cissampelos Pareira Remedies: Leucorrhoea, Conjunctivitis

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD


Velvet leaf is a common creeper found in most parts of India. It is known as Patha in Ayurveda. It belongs to Menispermaceae family and Cissampelos Pareira Linn is the botanical name. The leaves as well as the roots are the main usable parts of this plant. 

Another variety of this plant is Rajapatha and it is known as Cyclea peltata.
The herb possesses penetrative (teekshna) and light( laghuta) nature and hot in potency followed with pungent bio transformation and bitter taste.
Patha balances Kapha and Vata Dosha and is known to be excellent in purifying the breastmilk (sthanyashodhaka).

Ayurvedic formulations

Pathadi taila, Gangadhara choorna, Brihat gangadhara choorna, Pushyanuga choorna, Kutajasthaka kwatha etc are the few important formulations of this drug.
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Home remedies

Few important simple remedies and their health benefits are mentioned here below-

Leucorrhea, back ache

1. Patha root powder in leucorrhoea and back ache:
Patha roots are taken and made into fine powder. This is taken in the dose of 1-2 gram twice daily along with a cup of rice washed water. This is helpful to treat the non-specific leucorrhoea and backache.
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2. Patha leaf juice for conjunctivitis and burning sensation in eyes:
The leaves of the Patha plant are crushed and soaked in water, filtered. This is used for washing eyes in cases like conjunctivitis and burning eyes. Or else this can be used as eye drops – 5 drops to each eyes. This relieves pain and gritty feeling caused due to conjunctivitis and burning of the eyes.


3. Fine paste of the leaf for burning scalp and insomnia:
Fine paste of the leaf is made and kept over the closed eyes or in the middle of the scalp. This reduces the burning scalp and induces deep sleep.
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Breast milk cleansing

4. Fine powder of Patha and fenugreek for breast milk cleansing:
Path and fenugreek are taken in equal quantities and fine powder is made. 5 grams of this is mixed with a cup of buttermilk and administered.
Or else, its decoction can be administered. This is a potent medicine to purify breast milk and it subsides breast milk related any health issues.
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Each herb is a potent health storage. Its proper utilization depends upon the trained and enthusiastic mind. Simple combination does wonder and it reduces the chances of the risk and promotes green health care too.
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