9 Karanja (Honge Tree) Remedies: Anal Fissure, Diarrhea, Eczema

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD


The Karanja seed oil is widely used in the treatment of skin diseases.  It is used by cosmetic companies for soap manufacturing. The leaves and bark are used in the treatment of eczema, arthritis, cuts, wounds,ulcers, gum diseases, fissure in ano, anorexia, wounds, teething problem and internal bleeding. 

Botanically it is recognized as Pongamia pinnata.
English name is Indian Beech tree.

The usable part of the plant are: Root, Bark, Leaves, Flowers and Seed Oil.
Due to the above said properties it is potent in pacifying Kapha and Vata dosha. This has proven efficacy being the anti histamine, anti inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic.
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Home remedies

Various parts of the plant Karanja is used as home remedy and the safe, efficaceous and important ones are explained here below-


1. Karanja seed and turmeric paste in eczema:
Karanja seeds and wet rhizome of turmeric are taken and fine paste is made separately. This is mixed together and applied over the skin lesions especially over the eczema. This relieves itching and quickens the process of healing.

Anal fissure

2. Karanja leaf decoction in anal fissue:
3-4 fist full of fresh leavers are added with 2o cups of water,boiled for a few minutes. This is used for sitz bath for anal fissure. This relieves pain, stricture and itching associated with fissure.

Cholera, diarrhea

4. Dry Leaf decoction in Cholera and diarrhoea:
5-6 dry leaves are added with 200 ml of water it is boiled. On reducing it to 50-60 ml it is filtered and administered. This relieves frequent passage of the stool in cholera and diarrhoea.

Skin diseases

5. Bark decoction in skin diseases:
20 gram of dry bark is taken and its decoction is made. It is administered in the dose of 30-40 ml twice a day.This pacifies several skin diseases.

Neuritis, numbness

6. Onion and garlic cooked with Karanja seed oil in neuritis and numbness:
20 gram each of smashed onion and garlic are taken and cooked with Karanja oil, in mild intensity of heat. This is used to apply over the body parts in case of neuritis and numbness.


7. Honge Seed oil in osteo arthritis:
The seed oil of Karanja is readily available in the market. Regular application of this oil over the joints helps to relieve the pain and swelling of the joints.

As tooth brush

8. Tooth brush of twig of Karanja plant:
The twig of a mature Karanja tree is taken and crushed well. This is used to brush the teeth. This helps to overcome the bad breath,bleeding from the gums,tooth ache etc.


9. Leaf and bark decoction in ulcers:
The leaf and bark of the plant are taken and decoction is made.This is used to wash the wounds. It has disinfecting nature and ability of quick healing too.

Last drop
The plant Karanja was very famous world wide due to the chances of production of bio- diesel using the seeds of pongamia. Even though nothing to do with this kind of bio diesel in Ayurveda, ancient literatures have emphasized its utility in the form of oil thousands of years back itself.In Indian custom,in several states and traditions people use pongamia oil for lighting the lamp which is believed to be good for the eyes.Apart from the medicinal practices the plant Karanja is used in tantric practices too.
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