Vata Kshaya Lakshana: Symptoms Of Decrease Of Vata Dosha

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa, BAMS
Vata Kshaya or decrease of Vata is also a type of pathology. This may take on daily basis, which will be considered as minor deflections, which corrects on proper balance of food and lifestyle or seasonal changes. 

But when Vata Kshaya stays for a longer duration, it might produce some disturbances, since all the activities are based on balanced Vayu.

Vata Kshaya might not produce serious symptoms but will of course produce the symptoms of ‘functional deterioration’ of Vayu.

Sanskrit verse


Symptoms of Vata Kshaya

  • Manda Cheshtata – deterioration of activities which are normal to Vayu
  • Alpa vaktwam/Alpa Bhashita – Less speech, less inclined to speak
  • Apraharsha – Lack of enthusiasm, exhilaration and emotional push
  • Mudha sangnata/Sangna Moha – altered consciousness
  • Angasya sada – feeling as if the body activities have slowed out or come to a halt
  • Swa yoni vardhana kanksha – affinity or liking towards things, food and activities which increase Vata
  • Katu tikta kashaaya ruksha laghu sheetaanam kanksha – Liking towards pungent, bitter and astringent foods, those which are dry, light and cold, all these qualities and tastes increase Vata
  • Shleshma Vruddhi Ukta Amayaha – When there is vata kshaya, simultaneously Kapha increases. If Vata is taken as a dry component in the body and Kapha is a wet component of the body, absence of dryness (vata) will lead to manifestation of excess wetness or dampness (kapha) of the body. Thus, the symptoms of kapha increase are manifested in vata kshaya. They are as below enlisted –

Agni sadana – sluggish metabolism, indigestion. – Vata decrease leads decrease in dryness. This means increase in oiliness and increase of Kapha Dosha. Kapha being cold and watery, leads to lack of digestion strength.
Praseka – excessive salivation, nausea – again, another classical Kapha increase symtpm
Alasya – lethargy, tiredness, laziness
Gouravam – heaviness of the body
Shwaithya – whitish discolouration of the body|Shlaithya – feeling of excessive cold
Shlatha angatwam – feeling of laxity or looseness of the body parts
Shwasa – dyspnoea, feeling of shortness of breath
Kasa – cough
Ati nidrata – excessive sleep
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