6 Ashwattha (Sacred Fig) Remedies: White Discharge, Mouth Ulcer, Eczema

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Ashwattha (Peepal tree) is a well known religious tree appreciated all over India. Ayurveda uses stem bark, fruits, root, leaf, milk, tender shoots, in various medicines and remedies. 

Ashwattha tree is well known for its wound healing, absorbent, memory enhancing and complexion enhancing properties. As per the astrology and Hindu philosophy it is useful in infertility cases as well.

Sacred Fig leaves contain high amount of tannic acid. The fruit consists of tyrosine and asparagines in significant amount. The leaf possesses minerals like iron, copper, calcium, zinc and manganese.The seeds possess threonine, alanine and valine. The leaves contain leucine, isoleucine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine, glycine asparatic acid, serine and arginine. Vitamin K is present in the stem.

The tree is useful in the treatment of  chronic ulcers, stomatitis, menstrual irregularities, diarrhoea, diabetes, epilepsy, and gastric disturbances, infertility and infectious disorders.

Ashwattha tree remedies

For wound wash

1. Peepal stem bark decoction for wound wash:
50 gram peepal stem bark is cooked with 500 ml water till the water reduces to 250 ml. This is used to wash the wounds in lukewarm condition. This is helpful in infected as well as non infected wounds and it facilitates quick healing.
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For mouth ulcer

2. Bodhi Tree Tender leaf shoot fine paste in mouth ulcer:
5-6 tender shoots of the tree are taken and crushed well to obtain the fine paste. This is retained in the mouth for 5-10 minutes. This helps to relieve stomatitis.
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For wet skin lesions

3. Root bark powder in oozing skin lesions:
The root bark fine powder is used for dusting over the oozing skin lesions to stop secretion.
Same root powder (3-5 gram) can be used to administer internally along with honey for quick wound healing and in skin disorders associated with secretions and oozing.

4. Latex application over the eczema:
Early morning fresh latex is collected and this is applied over the skin lesions. This relieves hyper pigmentation as well as discoloration of the face.

For leucorrhea

5. Fresh latex with milk for leucorrhoea:
2 ml of fresh milk exudates of the tree is added to a cup of milk and taken early in the morning in empty stomach. This pacifiers long persisting non specific leucorrhoea by 120 -30 days medication.
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For stammering

6. Ashwattha seed powder chapati prepared over the leaf of Ashwattha in stammering:
1 cup of Ashwattha seeds are collected and fine powder is made.To this equal amount of wheat powder/flour is added and by adding ghee dough is prepared. (Salt should not be added).

This is rolled/pressed into small chapatti over the Ashwattha leaf. Along with the leaf this is baked. This is given to the kids who are suffering from stuttering. This has good effect over such complaints.

*This traditional practice was documented in Tumkur district.
Religious plants has several health benefits too. Ashwattha tree is a classical example for this, Tulsi is another.
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  2. Namaste Dr. Hebbar, Thank you for your continued excellent articles on Ayurvedic herbs. I have one question regarding Peeple or Ashwattha tree leaves, can the leaf powder be taken as a natural supplement for iron and other mineral supplementation? if so, what quantity and what time is best. Also, please mention any contra-indications of use. Many thanks for your valuable articles.

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