Do Not Drink Water Immediately After Banana. Here Is Why

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Many times, age old principles appear to be wrong  and baseless. We name them as unscientific. That is why people are not ready to accept those ideologies at a stretch as they are not having any lab reports or pharmacological reviews. Such reviews are usually sought by scientists or people with scientific attitude.

But keen observations made with the backing of ancient Ayurveda textbooks outweigh the modern research in almost all times. The above paragraph may surely irritate some people who are having a false mask of scientific attitude or those who need evidence for every matter.

Several Indian believes and traditional practices were still blamed as  unscientific. But once if such matters are approved with scientific inputs or findings they never give credit to the age old knowledge and instead they appreciate them as their own new finding.

One such example is explained below with the rationality of Ayurvedic principles (I do not need certificate of scientific approval because I have seen at least 100 such cases in my clinical practice).

Immediately after taking banana if  water (specially cold water) is taken or after drinking large amount of water immediately if banana is taken, it causes severe indigestion.

Reasons are –
a) They may be habituated
b) They may be of Pitta constitution (Prakruti,who have very good Agni – digestion strength) people or
c) Those who are not keen in their food and habits

Then how can this theory be universalized?
Even though above phenomenon is universal Pitta prakruti people are having voracious eating and digesting ability and hence they cannot recognize or they will not make this as a remarkable point.

In fact such a kind of indigestion is observed in them also; but the percentage of indigestion will be less! Where as the chances of indigestion is more with Kapha and Vata body type individuals.
Reasons are quite evident because both Vata and Kapha are having common feature of  Sheeta guna.

How it can cause severe indigestion?
By nature itself  banana possesses
Snigdha (unctous)
Manda (slow)
Sandra (thick)
Sthira (stable)
Sheeta (cold)  qualities.
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When it is associated with water (that too cold water) which is also possessing similar qualities, immediately after or along with water certainly it is not digested (means, hard to digest). This causes severe indigestion is caused.

Instead if banana or water is taken with a gap of 10-15 minutes such inter mixing chances are reduced and hence chances of indigestion is also considerably less.

What about milk-curd or any juice, after banana?
Chances of indigestion still exist if milk or curd or any juice is consumed soon after banana. The chances of indigestion can be reduced if the individual takes any carminative or digestive substances such as black pepper, ginger, cumin, etc.

The intelligent mind will search further more rationalities in this respect and judicially incorporate in their words and practices.
Long live the tradition and practice.
Let it enrich by scientific inputs.Unnecessary criticism over the age old facts and practices are to be curbed. Also possible dimension should be thought of in such regards.
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11 thoughts on “Do Not Drink Water Immediately After Banana. Here Is Why”

  1. In the ashram, we were often given hot milk with sugar and banana cooked in it. It was supposed to help with overcoming lust. Care to give Ayurvedic note to this? Thank you.

    • If one is doing daily fasting – then the above combination would help in maintaining brahmacharya.
      If the diet is limited and if the above is giving good energy, there is no harm in continuing it.
      There are many recipes with banana and milk. So, no problem.

  2. I have heard that BAM practitioners do not recommend eating raw food with cooked food. This would include salads with meals and sandwiches of vegetables on bread. Is this correct?

  3. Sir, you had given a instant energy banana milk shake recipe. If banana is not compatible with milk, curd(Panchamrita) and causes indigestion, then how do we get energy? This is very contradictory and confusing. Which should one follow? Pls clarify. Tks!

    • For those having good digestion strength banana milkshake is useful. When someone has low digestion strength and diarrhoea, then it is not suitable.

  4. What is right time to eat banana,Morning afternoon or evening?And after meal or before meal,
    Please answer,

    • As per Ayurveda, each substance is unique and well differentiated from other substances and we do not consider just the composition into consideration. Banana is 80 % water but yet the tastes, qualities, pharmacology and health effects of these two substances are so different from each other.


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