8 Banana Remedies With Fruit, Stem, Leaf, Rhizome And Flower

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Different parts of banana tree – ripe fruit, unripe fruit, leaves, tender leaf, rhizome and flower are used as remedies and dishes. Apart from its nutritional value it has quite a lot of preventive and curative health benefits too. 

Ripe banana remedy

Banana ripe fruit remedy for cold and allergy:
The fruit is peeled and inner pulp is taken.
This is incised and in the incised area 2-3 long pepper fruits or 10-12 pepper seeds are placed and wrapped. This is kept in a tray and exposed to the moon light by keeping it over the terrace during night (especially on full moon day).

Next day morning, it is consumed on empty stomach. Procedure is repeated daily for 10-12 days. This helps to reduce the incidences of seasonal cold, rhinitis, cough etc. In few tropical eosinophilia cases also its good effect is experienced by me.
In Maharashtra this kind of practice is found by folklore.

banana skin

Banana peel remedy

Banana peel remedy for abscess:
Banana skin is cooked with lime water (calcium hydroxide). Further this is macerated well and fine paste is made. This paste is applied over abscess (externally, leaving out the opening / punctum of the abscess). This practice helps to mature the abscess easily. It enables quicker pus formation, which is later drained out by incision.

Unripe banana remedy

Banana unripe fruit remedy for chickenpox scars:
Unripe fruit (as being used for vegetable) skin is taken and it is burnt. The black colored charred substance hence obtained is mixed with turmeric paste and applied over the lesions of chicken pox. This helps to reduce the scars and discoloration.
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banana flower with fruits

Banana flower remedy

Banana flower remedy for gastritis:
One fistful of flower is taken and 1 cup of water is added. It is crushed or put in mixer and fresh juice is extracted.
To this, 1 tablespoon of of honey is added and consumed early in the morning. This reduces gastritis as well as heaviness of the body.
In few of the individuals it may cause tastelessness (anorexia) and in such a case 1 spoon of cumin seed is added to this juice.

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Banana stem remedy

Banana stem tube for urinary calculi:
Daily intake of 15 – 20 ml fresh juice of the tube helps to reduce the chances of occurrences of urinary stones. It is useful in treating burning urination as well.

Banana rhizome remedy

Banana rhizome for white discharge (leucorrhea):
The rhizome (root part) – 100 grams is cooked well by adding 50 grams of jaggery. Then it is made into fine paste.
To this paste, a teaspoon of ghee is added and constantly stirred in mild intensity of heat till we get semisolid consistency (paste). Later it is taken out of the fire and on self cooling little honey is added and mixed thoroughly.
This can be kept for 2-3 months.
5-10 gram of this linctus is taken along with food daily (similar to a fruit jam). This is a very good nutritive and rejuvenator and anti ageing. This is effective in non specific leucorrhoea cases.

Banana leaf remedy

Banana leaf remedy for morning sickness:
The mature leaf is taken and burnt in open air to obtain the ash.
This ash is mixed with honey in equal proportions. Half a teaspoon of this is given to lick to the pregnant mother. This reduces morning sickness and hiccup caused in old age.

Banana Tender leaf remedy for gastritis:
Ghee is smeared over the tender leaf and warm food is served over this. Before completely cooling down, the served food is consumed. This helps to pacify the gastric irritation caused in the patients of gastric and duodenal ulcer.

Feel the pleasure of tradition, age old practices and its health benefits.
Science and rationality exists among all these traditional practices. Only thing lacking is, appreciation and finding the mode of action with modern pharmacological methods.
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