4 Things That You Must Inform Your Doctor

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Now a days as and when the individual goes to the hospital or clinic first point  checked is Blood pressure and Heart rate. Then follows all kind of investigations of blood and there after several X ray-ECG-EEG-sonologiacal tests and so on.


Ultimately patient interrogation is reduced and in turn personal examination like inspection-palapation-purcussion-auscultation –the basic exams have remained only in the teaching of medicine and not in practice. Physicians themselves are not having enough patience to listen the complaints and also to interrogate properly.

Ultimately the concept of ‘Family physician’ is rendered meaningless. Approach of  Super-speciality doctors in every small complaint /illness has also lead a lot of problems in grass root level.

Whatever may be the complaint, while talking to your doctor, it is very essential to inform about your pattern of Sleep-Appetite-Bowel Habit And Urination, irrespective of the question from the physiciasn or assisting clinical staff.


Why it is so important?
Doctors are going to treat human beings and not the blood picture or scan reports. Also investigations may give wrong reports many a time irrespective of good health conditions of some of the respects of kidney-liver-heart or brain. Also, reports may appear normal and patients may be found with still persisting complaints (where usually doctors cleverly treat/name such patients as Psychological disorders or idiopathic diseases !).

So, it is very important to mention about the above said four factors as they are crucial for patient’s health.

In fact these four factors are equally important like the pulse,heart trate or respiratory rate and some times even more than important!

Because being a an Ayurvedic physician of more than 18 years of experience I am finding so many cases where so called “vitals are stable” but the patients are unstable!

Patients are very much worried due to poor sleep, less appetite, constipation or irregular bowel habit, frequent urination or dysuria etc (in female irrespective of the complaint menstrual history also important in reproductive period in 80% of the cases)


If the individual is upset due to lack of sleep while giving /selecting medicines one should be careful. Long sleep or untimely sleep may also suggest some of the hidden diseases  and its role also cannot be excluded during prescription.
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Appetite, Hunger, Thirst

If the person has loss of appetite/taste or lack of digestion capacity, its effect is found over the medicines and ultimately over the disease itself. If the digestion and metabolism strength is low and if the medicine is heavy in nature, medicine might not get digested and utilized by the body.
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Similarly disturbed appetite/hunger/thirst should be taken care by correct choice of medicines or the existing medicine dose may need to be adjusted considering the digestion strength of the patient.

Bowel habit

If the individual is constipated, the line of treatment itself  has to be changed. Accordingly medicinal form, dose, route etc are also to be altered. A constipated patient may not tolerate even the smallest dose of the medicine also, sometimes. Where as once after laxative therapy, he will be alright to receive any kind / form of medicine. Similarly irregular bowel habit, repeated loose motion too have significance in diagnosing and in treatment.
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Pre-existing dysuria or increased frequency/quantity of urine etc may alter once after the medicine intake of particular brand, route, form or dosage. The patients will be under the confusion that whether such a change is due to drug or worsening condition or even improvement from the illness.

Many a time these information mislead the physicians in the selection of the medicine, form, dosage, time of medication, frequency of the drug intake, potency of the medicine, combination of the drugs etc.

This is more common when the consultation is carried through the email, phone, skype etc. Also if the patients party is approaching for the medicine with mere main complaints and lack of information with respect to these vital information, physicians will be always in dilemma to select the apt medicine and form.
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Dear readers, please share this message to everybody to whom you take care and let the maximum people get benefit out of it.
Single simple message may help the patients to get relief at the earliest and physicians to give the best possible treatment.
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