5 Jeera (cumin) Remedies For Painful Periods, Stomach Complaints

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Jeera (Cumin) seeds are one among the commonly used spices used in cooking. Being an aromatic substance it contributes good taste and smell to the dish.  

Ayurveda explains that cumin has below properties –
Deepana (carminative),
Pachana (digestive),
Vatanulomana (anti flatulent),
Vedanasthapana (analgesic), anti spasmoidic
Balya (tonic),
Ruchya (taste enhancer),
Shoolahara(anti colic) etc.
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1. Fried cumin seeds and ginger powder for flatulence (gas):
4 parts of cumin seeds and 2 part of dry ginger and 1 part of salt (preferably rock salt) are taken and fine powder is made. This is taken in the dose of half spoon just before taking food, along with warm water.

This helps to evacuate the flatus, stimulate the digestive fire, reduce the abdominal distention, relieves regurgitation and burping and colic pain of abdomen.


2. Jeera water for indigestion, anorexia and reflux oesophagitis:
20 gram of fried cumin seeds are taken and dry-fried a little.
This is added to 200 ml of hot water and allowed for cooling.
When it is lukewarm this is taken twice daily.
This helps to relieve most of the GIT problems, especially in children.

Menstrual pain

3. Cumin jaggery remedy for menstrual pain:
50 gram of Jeera powder is fried in a pan.
It is mixed with 25 gram of jaggery and pounded well.
This is made into big pills of 5 gram size.
This bolus is taken 1-2 days prior to expected date of menstruation.
After taking this, a cup of water or buttermilk can be consumed.

This can be continued even after menstruation for 2-3 days. This helps to reduce the pain and discomfort caused during menstruation.
This remedy can be used as a substitute for Jeeraka rasayana, a classical formulation.

Good appetite, taste and digestion can be expected from this recipe.
So those who have the need to improve digestion strength, can take this recipe irrespective of gender.
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4. Cumin medicated milk for fatigue and excessive thirst:
5 gram of cumin seeds,
200 ml milk and
400 ml water are taken and boiled till it is reduced to the amount of milk or approximately to 200-250 ml.
To this 1 – 2 teaspoon of sugar or jaggery can also be added.
This is a substitute drink for coffee and tea.
This relieves fatigue and thirst.
This is useful in morning sickness of pregnant mothers as well.
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5. Jeeraka and sugar candy as expectorant – to take out phlegm:
2 grams of each of cumin seeds and sugar candy are taken and retained in the mouth for 3-5 minutes and gradually it is chewed and slowly swallowed.
10-15 minute later gradually phlegm starts coming out and it should be spit out.
This can be repeated 5-6 times in a day.
This is useful in dry cough, pharyngitis, pain in the throat etc

Try any of the above and let us know how you benefited from these remedies.
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