3 Ayurvedic Remedies For Excessive Thirst Using Honey, Coriander

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Thirst is a natural urge everybody possesses. But if it is felt very often, it can be considered as a symptom of an underlying cause, such as diabetes. Dryness of mouth is also seen as side effect of medications such as anti-depressants. Ayurvedic texbooks explain excess continuous thirst as a disorder, called Trishna vyadhi (Thirst disorder). 

Today excessive thirst followed with excess urination is denoted as a dominant feature and eye catching symptom of Diabetes.
Here are a few simple remedies to control excessive thirst / dryness of mouth.

1. Cold water and honey:
Those who get repeated thirst or in need of large amount of water for their satisfaction are advised to follow this.
One cup of water is taken and to this one teasspoon of honey is added.

This is stirred well and kept for 5 minutes. Again another teaspoon of honey is added to it and stirred well, kept for 5 minutes. This process is continued for 2 – 3 times.
The person with excess mouth dryness is asked to sip this water, frequently.
This significantly decreases the thirst and also frequent urination problem.
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Tender leaf recipe:
Tender leaves of jamun tree (blueberry), mango and pomegranate are collected. Fine paste is prepared by poudning. Half to 1 teaspoon of this paste is mixed with a cup of buttermilk.

This remedy is consumed once or twice a day, after food, for 1 – 2 week time.
This remedy can be prepared with tender leaves of whatever the listed trees as available.
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3. Coriander seed cold infusion:
5 gram of coriander seeds are taken and pounded to obtain the powder.
This is added to a cup of water and kept overnight. Next day morning this is macerated well and filtered.
This is taken along with a pinch of sugar or jaggery.
This is appreciated in classical Ayurvedic literatures also as Dhanyaka hima.
This is very effective even in burning sensation as well as blockage of the channels.

Ayurveda quotes-
“There may be several features for a single disease or single feature for single disease. Likewise there may be several signs and symptoms for single disease or multiple features may be exhibited in several disease complex conditions.”

Wise physician understands root causes and truly understands the pathological pathways of these and proceeds for treatment accordingly.
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  1. hello Doctor, Can diabetics consume honey and jaggery mentioned in the 1 & 3rd remedies. thanks and regards


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