Easy And Simple Remedies For Shoe Bite, Footwear Itch

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
I am very sure that at least one in three will have this complaint of shoe bite or footwear itch. It is a general complaint of burning or pain followed with mild swelling. It is caused due to the following reasons- 


  • Wearing wrong sized footwear or chappal.
  • Newly brought footwear with sharp borders
  • Improper gait or style of walk
  • Long walk
  • Walking in sand or stones
  • Moist sole or footwear
  • Moist socks
  • Excess of humidity
  • Sudden change in the weather
  • Particular brand od shoes/chappals(as mild change or alteration may be found from one company to other)
  • Shift from chappal to shoes or each other
  • Change of heal size etc
shoe bite

Common features

Mild swelling or itching in the localized area
Mild to moderate pain
Discoloration (often red or black)
Difficult to walk etc

Generally this rare or accidental condition is not taken seriously.Also individuals try hard to manage themselves with few of the ointments, liniments or pain killers. Consultation of a physician is very rare and only ion case of allergic manifestations or if bleeding persists for long , physicians help is availed.

Home remedies

Sesame oil, salt and turmeric:
20 ml of sesame oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of turmeric powder are taken together and slightly warmed. On self cooling it is filtered and preserved. This is used to apply over the affected lesions.

A traditional lotion:
Equal amount of (say 20 ml) of sesame or coconut oil and lime water (water in which a pinch of calcified lime is dissolved) are taken together and rubbed (macerated) well. This becomes viscous and appears like the lotion or Vaseline. This is applied to the bitten area of the shoe or chappal.

Dusting powder:
In case of repeated incidences are found due not moist sole ,talcum powder or Godanti bhasma (gypsum powder) can be dusted over the foot or sole.

Salt water Dip:
If the incidence is caused during the winter season a gentle dip of sole in salt water for 3-5 minutes will help to avoid the possible chances of shoe bite.
Feel the magic of simple remedies and spread the knowledge among your fellow people.
Consult Dr MS Krishnamurthy

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