How To Make Herbal Oil To Remove Burn Scars

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Here is a simple herbal oil that you can prepare at home to clear burn marks. Burn mark means white or brown skin mark that remains after a burn wound is healed.  

Form of the medicine
It is in the form of oil.
Even ghee can also be prepared with the same ingredients.



Tender leaf buds of Shaka (Teak wood plant: Tectona grandis -botanical name) 25 gram,
100 ml of coconut oil or sesame oil,
25 ml of water,
2-5 gram of  cumin seeds.

Utensils required:
Mortar and pestle to make into fine paste,
wide mouthed steel vessel to process the oil,
spatula for mixing,
filtering cloth, collecting vessel.

Method of preparation

Method of preparation of medicated oil for burn marks:
The tender buds of teak wood are collected and made into fine paste.
To this cumin seeds are added and mixed well.
This fine paste is kept on soaking with oil for 2 hours.
This is taken in a wide mouthed vessel and water is added.
Further it is heated in very mild flame. During heating, constant stirring is done with a spatula so as to prevent the charring as well as sticking to the bottom.
On finding the froath over the oil,the oil is taken out of the fire and filtered.This oil will be dark red in colour.

Note: In case if the leaves are matured and  tender buds are not available,such a oil is pink in color; always prefer to get tender buds only as the pigmenting agents are rich only in such tender leaf buds.

Action, Clinical experience

Coolant, calms Pitta Dosha.
Improves complexion and skin texture.

My experience with this formulation: Other than burn marks, I am using this recipe in the treatment of chloasma and in hyper-pigmentation cases also.
It is a confident formulation  that has potential to cure the pemphigus vulgaris also.
In removing skin tans also, I have prescribed this formulation with encouraging results (along with oral medications).

Long term usage of cosmetics (especially in actors and drama artists who use excessive cosmetic agents) causes roughness of the skin and if this is used its undesired effects can be reduced.
Eager  to know your experience after its usage.
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  1. This works . I have seen instances where this method has worked for severe burns on the hand due to fire works .


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