Relationship of Water Element With Doshas And Lifespan

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Water is the most important ingredient present in our body. It is constituted in each and every cell of our body. It is as good as air (oxygen) for sustaining life process. We can’t imagine living without water for a day or more, in fact even for a few minutes when we are suffering from thirst or thirst causing or provoking conditions like in summer, excessive physical exhaustion, stress, dehydrating diseases like diarrhoea etc. Water forms most of our body constitution just like in the nature and comprises of more than 70% of body’s composition. 

Water provides adherence, lubrication and coherence between the cells and this is responsible for compactness and integrity of our body components. The water body is represented by Kapha in our body and is responsible for strength and energy in its state of balance. Water is thus not only an important body component but is in fact an important life element.

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Udakavaha Srotas

Udakavaha Srotas –Udakavaha Srotas are the channels which carry or transport water in the body. Water balance system, organs related to the water balancing mechanism and or water regulation centres in the brain can be considered as Udakavaha Srotas.(Udaka=Food, Vaha=Carry, Srotas=Channels).
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During childhood

The water component takes a graphical ascend, peak and descend in correspondence with the ageing process. Water is needed more in the infancy, childhood and early adolescence where in most of the constructive activities are taking place in the active growth phase. According to Ayurveda, the Kapha or water body is predominantly functional at this age. (Kapha rules the infancy, childhood and adolescence and takes part in proper growth, integrity, development and maturation of body parts and in keeping the body functions balanced).
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In middle age

In the middle age, Pitta or fire element takes a surge. With fiery activities being predominant in the middle age, the water body (kapha) undergoes a slight depletion and starts descending on the other side of the surge. The integrity and stability is disturbed due to the imbalance in the composition of the water body. During this period various diseases and deformities occur due to water body depletion and predominance of fiery body, mainly those of inflammatory origin.
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In old age

As we age and progress towards senility, the Vata or air component takes a surge and further depletes the water body by drying it out. The dryness of the Vata or airy body prevails in old age. The water body almost goes towards disintegration. (Increase in Pitta and Vata are antagonistic to Kapha and depletes it due to heat and dryness respectively). As a result, the degeneration sets in. body tissues dry up. The water balance and stores totally get depleted with progression of old age. The whole body undergoes degeneration and people suffer from disorders related to Vata increase and kapha depletion, mainly degenerative and neurological diseases.
Water is thus a basic life element.
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2 comments on “Relationship of Water Element With Doshas And Lifespan


    30/10/2016 - 2:03 pm

    what about retention of water with swelling? how to get rid of swelling in feet and leg?

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      31/10/2016 - 4:35 pm

      The treatment depends on the cause for water retention. Usually herbs like Punarnava, Gokshura, Dashamoola etc are used.

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