Coconut Shell Benefits, Usage In Cooking Hard Vegetables And Non Veg

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD (Ayu)
I have seen few people feel difficulty to cook some of the vegetables. By nature itself some of the vegetables, pulses or food items including the flesh are not cooked easily or else it takes more time for cooking. In few of the incidences if the spicy items or salts are added in the beginning itself it delays the process of cooking or it hinders the cooking itself. 

In some houses vinegar, citric acid or tartaric acid are also added for easy cooking and to reduce the period of cooking. As these are chemicals they are not safe to administer it for prolonged period or especially to the children.
Here is a simple, safe and easy method to cook the food which is even hard and tough to cook easily.

Coconut shell pieces

Ingredients, Method of preparation

Ingredients required:
5-6 pieces of shells of coconut.

While cooking the chopped vegetables add 5-6 pieces of shells of coconut.
At the end of cooking, remove these hard shells as they can cause injury to the gums if eaten.


Added benefits:
Coconut shell is a natural digestive, carminative and anti flatulent. In addition, it contains an oil which enhances the absorption rate of the intestines.

If this is taken in large amount while cooking, it may cause gastric irritation, as it has the tendency to irritate the gastric mucosa. So, amount of the shells should be restricted to only 5-6 pieces.

In case of Non vegetarian food cooking it is very much beneficial to cook large amount in less duration.

Coconut shell remedies

Soup of the shells of coconut can also be prepared.It was in traditional practices since several decades in Sounth Karnataka(Gerate saru/Karata saaru) and in Kerala (Chippu rasam).Such a soup is having the benefits especially in cases cof mal absorption disorders.

The dilute decoction of coconut shell has the therapeutic benefits to cure the tooth ache as well as thick coating over the tongue. In such cases it is used for mouth gargling.
Traditional practices and food habits having the deep impact of the scientific out looks a but are less explored. When it is explored, popularized it gets the name-scientific!
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  1. Could you share the specific details as to how the decoction is made to remove ama as you have hinted in the article ?

    • Decoction – 1 part of herb + 16 parts of water, boil and reduce to a quarter part. filter and use.


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