Difference Between Talisadi and Sitopaladi Churna

Both Talisadi and Sitopaladi Churna (herbal powders) have similar ingredients and similar indications. But there are slight changes in their mode of action and targeted diseases. Let us analyze.

Medicines –
I have written about both the medicines.
Read about ingredients and usage of Talisadi Churna
Read more about ingredients and usage of Sitopaladi Churna


Talisadi Contains –
Talisa – Abies webbiana, black pepper, ginger, long pepper,
Vamshalochana – Bambusa bambos
Cardamom, cinnamon and Sugar candy powder .
Sitopaladi Churna contains –
Vamsalochan, Long pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and Sugar candy powder.
So, extra ingredients in Talishadi churan are – Talisa, ginger and black pepper

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Talisadi Churan is indicated in –
Kasa – cold, cough
Shwasa – asthma, respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing
Aruchi – Anorexia, lack of interest in food
Deepana – improves digestion strength
Hrudroga – Cardiac disorders
Vami – vomiting
Atisara – diarrhea, dysentery
Pandu – Anemia, initial stages of liver disorders
Grahani – Malabsorption syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Shosha – emaciation
Pleeha – Spleen related disorders, splenomegaly
Jwara – fever
Shoola – abdominal colic
Moodhavata anulomana – bloating.

Sitopaladi Churna is indicated in –
Shwasa – asthma, respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing
Kasa – cold, cough
Kapha imbalance disorders
Suptajihwa – tingling and numbness of tongue
Arochaka – anorexia, lack of interest in food
Alpagni – low digestion strength
Parshwa shoola – colic pain in flanks and abdomen

Pharmacological points

Productive cough – The amount of Vamshalochana in Sitopaladi Churna is – 25.8 % and in Talisadi is 10.4 %. Vamshalochana is very useful in relieving productive cough. Hence, when compared between these two, Sitopaladi is more useful in productive cough.

Fever – Because ginger and black pepper are very effective in treating fever, if the patient has viral fever with cough and cold symptoms, Talisadi Churan is lot better than the other.
When it comes to anti viral, anti bacterial and anti-microbial activity, Talisadi holds slight edge over the other.

For digestive disorders like indigestion, anorexia, diarrhea etc – Talisadi is more suitable than the other.

Effect on Tridosha , dosage

Both these Ayurvedic medicines are useful in Kapha and Vata imbalance disorders.
Dosage form –
Talisadi Churna (powder) is also manufactured in the form of tablet. But Sitopaladi is not.

Common features

Both are indicated in cough, cold, asthma, indigestion etc, as we have seen above.
Both are contra-indicated in people with diabetes.
Both are more commonly used in powder form.

So, these are a few ways we can compare these two effective Ayurvedic medicines, which are widely practiced as single medicine or in combination with other medicines.

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