Morning Sickness: Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

In Ayurveda, Morning sickness is called Garbhini Chardi. Garbhini means pregnant lady and chardhi means vomiting. Morning sickness is the common term used for nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP). It is also called nausea gravidarum, emesis gravidarum and pregnancy sickness. Usually it is associated with mild abdominal discomfort, followed with tastelessness. In few of the pregnant women, headache, tingling sensation in the throat, excess sweating, dizziness and fatigue are also found.

Though this is most common in early stage of pregnancy (first 3 months), it may rarely extend even in second trimester (3-6 months). Usually, the vomiting sensation will be higher during morning hours. Some ladies may witness this during any time of the day, especially at food timings.

morning sickness

The morning sickness may be specific to some kind of food also. Few pregnant ladies develop vomiting sensation by the look or smell of the food and in the rest, while having the food. This particular sensation may be colour, taste or odour oriented also. Depending on the mind set and disliking, nausea is caused with respect to various kinds of food. Meanwhile, it is quite interesting to observe that few of the pregnant women will not get vomiting for specific food items also.
If the vomiting sensation continues for long, it is termed as hyperemesis gravidarum and immediate medical attention is needed.

Most of the times, morning sickness or vomiting sensation caused during pregnancy can be cured by mood diversion also. In few patients, by altering the line of the food or sequence of the food, this complaint can be relieved or reduced.

Home remedies

Simple home remedies useful in morning sickness:
Half a teaspoon of ginger juice is mixed with half a teaspoon of both lemon and honey each and administered along with water once or twice a day.

A lemonade prepared by adding a pinch of cardamom, mint leaves and a teaspoon of honey is a good remedy.

Curry leaves are crushed to extract juice. To half a teaspoon of this juice, a teaspoon of honey and  a teaspoon of lemon juice is added. To this, half a teaspoon of sugar candy powder is added. This paste is consumed along with water early in the morning.

50 gram of parched rice (Laja) or popcorn is taken and made into powder. To this, 10-15 gram powdered sugar candy and 1-2 pinches of cardamom powder are added and mixed well.
5-10 gram of this mixture is consumed by chewing, once in half an hour. This helps to reduce vomiting sensation caused during pregnancy in a few.

1-2 feathers of peacock is taken and cut into pieces. This is placed in an earthen pan and kept till it is completely charred and attains black color. Then it is ground well in a mortar and preserved in closed container. As and when the pregnant woman gets vomiting sensation, 1-2 pinch of this ash is mixed with honey and given for licking. This can be repeated as many as 10-15 times a day, without any complications. This is a very effective and successful simple remedy for vomiting caused during pregnancy. This formulation is available in the market in the name of Mayurapiccha bhasma.

Coconut pulp is grated. This is crushed and milky juice is extracted. To this coconut milk, for 100 ml, 20 gram sugar candy and a pinch of cardamom powder or rose petals are added and stirred well.
This is given to the pregnant woman to drink, to pacify vomiting and excess of Pitta symptoms such as burning sensation.

Lifestyle adjustments

Get good rest.
Avoid foods with lot of flavors. 
If you are continuously experiencing vomiting despite medication, then make a list of foods that you really like. Have only them.

Even if you are vomiting continuously, drink lemonades or fruit juices frequently to keep yourself nourished and well hydrated.

consider quieting tea and coffee to see if it made any difference.
Avoid smoking, alcohol, junk foods, aerated drinks, sodas, crunchy and highly spicy food items.
Whenever you sleep, do not break the sleep all of a sudden. Get up slowly.
Do not use too hot or too cold water for bathing.
Avoid going under hot sun make use of an umbrella.

Ayurvedic formulations

Few Ayurvedic formulations useful in morning sickness
Below is the list of Ayurvedic medicines commonly used in treating morning sickness.
CAUTION: Do not use below information for treating yourself. Many of the market available products with below names contain added preservatives and excipients. Hence, taking these medicines on your own could harm the health of mother and the fetus.

Matala Rasayana – Ayurvedic medicine in herbal jam form, used in digestive and respiratory diseases.
Eladi vati – used in treating cough, cold, fever and vomiting.
Eladi choorna – used in the treatment of digestive complaints of Kapha imbalance.
Khadiradi vati – used in Ayurvedic treatment of bad breath, oral ulcers, diseases of teeth etc
Sukumara kashaya – used in abdominal pain and nausea
Paripathadi kadha
Drakshadi kashaya – used in treating alcoholism, gastritis and vomiting
Dadimadyavaleha – used in treating diarrhoea, hyper-acidity and vomiting
Pravala Bhasma – Used in treating Pitta imbalance disorders, gastritis
Madiphala Rasayana
Matulunga Lehya
Kharjoora gutika
Drakshadi Kashayam – with raisins as main ingredient.
Mathulai Manapagu – a Siddha medicine is used in the treatment of anemia, stomach upset and vomiting sensation during pregnancy.

Disciplined lifestyle, systematic food of one’s liking and limited food as per desire are also helpful to overcome nausea and vomiting sensation, caused during pregnancy.

5 comments on “Morning Sickness: Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

  • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

    30/06/2015 - 6:41 pm

    There are many Iron supplements such as Lohasava and Calcium supplements like Shankhabhasma, Pravala Bhasma etc. But they can only be consumed under medical supervision. Personally, I do not have any problems with modern calcium and Iron supplements.

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  • ashok

    26/04/2017 - 8:32 am

    Where is the reference of madiphala rasayana.sir

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      27/04/2017 - 6:08 pm

      It is mentioned in folklore Kerala text book. Direct reference from major texts is not available

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  • A

    04/03/2018 - 9:17 am


    I am 3 months pregnant and was told to take Drakshadi kashayam. Is this safe to take? My morning sickness has subsided alot.

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  • Aruna

    14/05/2018 - 10:56 am

    Dear Dr, I want to know treatment for Bitterness in mouth..I had bit of Kapha due to my sweets intake recently. Now am unable to tolerate any spicy pickles and my stomach is always bloated. On top of all this i’m feeling bitterness coming from stomach and upwards.

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