Advice to Ayurvedic Doctors By Dr Agnives

Today success is measured with money. I cannot tell the Ayurvedic doctors not to worry about money. Because, they are investing a lot in getting to a college and to study Ayurveda. The problem with current system is, a regular Ayurvedic student spends lakhs together of rupees and valuable 5.5 years of his life. But when he comes out, he is offered 5000 to 8000 rupees for the post of medical officer in a hospital. 

doctor for money

So, naturally when they get a chance to loot a patient, they get tempted, so that they can get back their investment. Yet…., actually money will come…, even if you do not want, money will come. But it will take sometime, but success is certain. You be truthful with the patient, as far as possible, tell the truth. I am not telling the whole truth, I am not asking to tell a cancer patient directly that “hey, you have cancer”. So a doctor needs to be tactical in handling the patient.

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Avoid unwanted medicines and lies –
But, unwanted lies – try to avoid it. Unwanted medicines – try not to write. Just prescribe what is essential according to the condition of the patient. (Related: Thank the doctor who cuts down medicines. )

Do not look at your medicine shelf while prescribing.
Now, prescribing is by not looking at the condition of the patient. Now, prescribing is done by looking at the doctor’s medicine shelf. I personally know managers of many Ayurvedic hospitals who direct doctors that they should prescribe at least 400 rupees worth of medicines per patient. If not, you will be sent off. And the poor doctor who wants to survive, naturally will oblige.

Don’t be a slave of one pharma company:
So, the best thing is to start the practice at your home at first. As patients grow, when you can afford to rent a shop, build a clinic / hospital. Do not be a slave for any company. Do not buy franchise of any pharma company. If you have a medical store attached to hospital, buy best medicines from many companies, with your choice.

In my opinion, there is no pharma company which is totally reliable. There are companies which are better and good. But no one is totally reliable. Even these good and better companies are offering very nominal  commission with which you cannot survive.

If you want to go for manufacturing, don’t go for cosmetics. They are already everywhere. That is only one shade of Ayurveda. That is not the whole thing. Many companies are leaving the therapeutic side of Ayurveda and are going to the cosmetics side, because it is quick money. First decide whether you want to be a practitioner or an industrialist. If being industrialist is your aim, then no doubt you have to follow the rules of industrialism.

False health / disease claims – I had a student, who later became my colleague, who was a specialist in cancer treatment. I don’t know from where he specialized. He had some journalist friends, who wrote about him, got fame, got patients from all over the world. He would examine the papers. Naturally, cancer patients coming to Ayurvedic treatment after all examinations, lab investigations and some treatments. When they come, he would say, “oh! you have started radiation therapy. So, I cannot help with Ayurvedic treatments. I will anyhow try, but I do not have much hope.” He would treat the patient after taking advance payment. But he is not leaving the patient. He says that he will try. The patient will try for sometime and then die.

Is it good practice? I cannot advocate that. So, be truthful to yourself and to the patient, put in the hard word and have patience and perseverance. Do the best taking patient’s best interest into consideration. You will succeed, patients will come and so do the money.

12 thoughts on “Advice to Ayurvedic Doctors By Dr Agnives”

  1. Bhargav,
    I agree that a basic set of medicine for 10- 15 days should be tried in any patient first, to see how the patient is responding, and then improvise on the current list of medicine / treatment.
    But in your case, I do not think there is fault with the doctor’s decision. Because, in RA, usually experienced doctors will have a developed standard protocol based on their experience. So the doctor was confident that it would work. But unfortunately it did not.

  2. The current method of learning Ayurveda is not traditional way where one learns as apprentice to guru. This expensive way of schooling is ruining everything. From practical experience with multiple Ayurvedic doctors, very good results can be gotten with simple medicines like spices and food; and a big waste of money with factory produced pills. The doctor who is not looking into pollution of body by heavy metals, emfs, genetically altered foodstuffs, chemicals, viral bacterial fungal overloads and tries to balance dosha without clearing these will not succeed in curing his patient. These problems have developed thousands of years after Ayurvedic teachings were written down so they will not be addressed in the textbooks. After clearing the pollutions if nourishment is correct and lifestyle is good, the body tends to balance itself or heal itself. It is good that some honest people in the healing field still exist. Thank you for the article.

  3. Dear Dr Hebbar,

    Fantastic Article indeed!

    As you said, we have seen many doctors in our lives who prescribe more medicines than the number of ailments in the body. The more you go to a doctor, the more medicines he prescribes without looking into the stamina and strength of patients. But we see very less number of doctors who prescribes less number of medicines which are effective and essential for a patient.

    Thanking you doctors once again for your real article on the present day scenario,

    All the best

    Deva Raju

  4. Dear Dr. Hebbar,
    A very good article indeed.
    This advice holds good for doctors from all streams.

    Refraining from being greedy and being truthful shows the strength of his character.

    I am really amazed at the way you have been taking up such topics of relevance .

    Thank you .

  5. I have absolute admiration to Dr.Agnives for his very honest advice to younger doctors. With living & other costs rising very high every year, it is natural for doctors to earn more per patient as the only practical short-term measure. Bu this is obviously being dishonest in the long-run for which ultimately even God would not excuse. It needs anyway plenty of moral commitment & ethical courage to follow Dr.Agnives’s guidelines.

  6. Well Said Dr. Agnives, I feel you are geniue doctor.
    Now day the doctors whether Allopathay or Ayurveda they are tooooooooo Greedy and they can go to any extent to make more and more money, I do not know where they are going to hide when they are in Death Bed.

  7. Sir,
    You are absolutely right,i agree with us and do the best,take it as service,give importance to patients happy and satisfaction.Defintely we gets happy one day if we do our job sincerely.And that will be the best moment in our career.And after our death also at least oneperson will tell about us by there heart.

  8. Well Said!!! Only if everyone realized the concept of live and let live. Anyway, I request you to write about cancer and ayurveda. It seems a very highly relevant topic and considering the word itself causes so much of fear in us. The conventional ones are far more dangerous than cancer itself – if not pernicious.


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