Thank The Doctor Who Cuts Your Medicines Down

When you visit a doctor, you are obviously wanting him to prescribe something for your condition. But many a times the doctor may decide to cut down on your previous medicines rather than prescribing a new one. He may do this for many reasons. Let us see. 

Thanks to the doctor who cuts medicines

First up, be glad your doctor did that.
Pharma companies lure the doctors to prescribe more and more medicines to the patient. In such an environment, if someone suggests to cut down on medications, be thankful to such a doctor. It means the following things –

  • He really cares for you.
  • He is not very money minded.
  • He believes in your immune power more than medicine power.
  • He knows that medicines are just tools to cure diseases. Food, exercise etc natural ways are the best way of healing.

Why a doctor would cut down medicines: 

  • Because you are recovering quick.
  • You already are using a medicine which is required for your current condition.
  • The alternative herbal supplement that you’re taking is quite sufficient for your current new symptom.
  • The new disease that you’re suffering from is due to a side effect of combination of previous two medicines. So, if you stop them, your current symptoms will be relieved.
  • The current medicine that the doctor would prescribe is a lot safer and yet powerful than the previous two medicines that you were taking, so he might delete the previous two and add just one new.
  • The doctor believes that if you exercise for 10 minutes a day, that is more than sufficient for you to lose weight, than popping a weight loss pill.
  • The doctor feels that applying a calming hair oil would be sufficient to induce sleep rather than taking sleeping pills.

So, these are a few things that you can imagine, when your doc removes some medicines from your list. But when in doubt, ask the doctor openly, why you do not need the medicines. A good doctor will always answer your query with a smile.

But do not be in a perception that medicine heals you. It is your body strength, mind power and God’s strength that heals. Medicines are mere tools. 🙂

Give your body a chance to heal on its own
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Q: How many rasayanas/plants can I consume each day without taking the risk of weakening my body/enzymatic antioxydant system/immune system? When I asked MAPI, ten years ago, they said four rasayanas.

I’ve just read an article in a French magazine on the danger of taking too many antioxidants and I would like you to help me sort it out.

I wonder whether taking 20 + it is not too much. But in the past I was reassured by the fact that Dr  Braverman in New-York can prescribe 50 pills a day and even more (as much as necessary!!!).

I firmly believe in lesser the medicines / herbals, the better. One product / medicine might have multiple ingredients – Chyawanprash or Amrit Kalash, Brahma Rasayana etc. But I usually advice against too many herbal products at one time. The purpose of poly-herbal combination itself is to avoid taking many herbal remedies, so that all the required ingredients are readily available in one nutshell. Hence, be it for the purpose of Rasayana or any treatment, I would not recommend a combination of more than 10 herbs / medicines.   (these can be, for example 10 poly herbal combinations).

Dr Krishnamurthy’s opinion:
Today’s prescriptions appear strange and even scary with a list of so many medicines, sometimes 12-15 or even more! People are so accustomed to this that, when I write just 2 – 3 medicines, they give a look of suspicion to me 🙂 Patients do have wrong thinking that the doctor has to write one or two drugs for each of their complaints or diseases. Physicians are also trained to write such multiple drugs or combinations as per the persuasion of the patients or their party. Otherwise the physicians too write multiple drugs so as to hit the complaint by any of their drugs regarding which they are not very clear/sure. In addition few of the commission gaining physicians (!) write the drugs for their earning sake or to gain the gifts and offers.

Any medicinal system in its true sense never advises multiple drugs for a patient at a time; because ultimate effect of the drug over the patient (body and mind) cannot be assumed by such haphazard combinations.

The science is giving proper and clear instruction to proceed with minimum drugs and for minimum days too. Even though overloading the drugs or increased frequencies of the medicaments may give instant and immediate effect, it may harm in the long run. Many a times, it is fatal or cause toxic effects.

Ayurvedic drugs are also not exception for this. To cite an example in this regard I want to quote an incident which happened in my clinical practice very recently.

A patient with the history of chronic cough (Kshayaja kasa) approached me with his big file of about 16-20 pages/prescriptions which he took medicine from a physician in the course of about 6-7 months. I was stunned to find the number of prescribed medicines as there were 10-12 medicines (Ayurvedic medicines) each day in spite of which he was not cured from his complaints. There were Kashayams, ghees, arishthas, lehyas, choornas and even tablets…… Patient was disgusted towards ayurvedic medicines as the medicines themselves were the meals and breakfast for the patient…..!

I prescribed a lehya formulation and asked him to take it in the dose of 20 gram three times a day followed with a tablet for chewing for 8-10 times. The patient found unhappy as those prescribed medicines were enjoyed by him quite long back itself without any effect (along with several other medicines).

However I had convinced about my simple two prescriptions and asked him to take it for 14 days.

After a period of 7-8 days patient approached me quite happily informing about the significant effect of the minimum medicines…..However I advised him to take it for some more time and later on they were withdrawn and a new combination was prescribed and ultimately he was free from the complaints and disease as well.

In fact my simple drugs have not done any wonders…..instead the multiple drugs what the earlier physician had prescribed made the prescription a blunder!

Formulation of proper combination of ingredients and its appropriate dose, timings, medium (water, honey, milk etc) and strict diet will manage most of the illness conditions with minimum drugs.
Consult Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD

5 thoughts on “Thank The Doctor Who Cuts Your Medicines Down”

  1. Very nice article Sir. this is the ultimate truth. People are beginning to become dependent more on medicines nowdays thanks to money-minded doctors & people’s belief that they will get healed by medicines only. I am tired of taking medicines for the past 2.5 years & I am unable to understand how people keep on taking pills after pills. Nowdays I see that people are having 4-5 diseases & a dentist is afraid to pull out a teeth of that sort of patient but the patient is entirely normal as if nothing will happen to him.

  2. Very thoughtful article, thank you, Dr Hebbar!

    A good doctor suggests only the ‘absolute minimum’ medication required to act as a catalyst to our own efforts of following a good healthy lifestyle. Such a doctor may often suggest medicines only if he sees we have really tried very hard and we need some help when we are beginning to lose hope. A good doctor will form a human bond with the patient that is not as mechanical/dry as discussing disease+medication all the time.

    The really ‘magical’ doctors (these kind are exceedingly difficult to find nowadays in big cities and towns, but they still exist to some extent, particularly in villages and small towns all over India) are those who cure people merely by their ‘talking’, by filling the patient with so much confidence and faith and comfort. It is a ‘power’ (a blessing) that these doctors are blessed to have, by the grace of God.


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