Beware Of Ayurvedic Treatment Ads Making Tall Claims

“Take this intense research based traditional wonder herbal remedy which cures insulin dependent diabetes in 2 weeks time. Take that classical Ayurvedic herbal remedy and grow 6 inch tall in 6 weeks.” Sounds familiar? 

beware of false ad claim

It is a matter of shame to Ayurvedic system of medicine that a few people are resorting to tall claims to sell their products / services.  In this regard, the Ayurvedic physician should take precaution and care.
He should hold responsibility
– to avoid making any tall claims.
– to alert his patients against such products / treatments.


A part of the blame also goes to public.  few people have blind belief in Ayurveda that Ayurveda can cure any and all diseases. They insist doctors to treat for unbelievable results. For example, growing tall in a few weeks time, gaining muscle mass and losing fat in 30 days etc. Insisting patients may tempt the doctor to treat the disease which he can not cure (or improve).

This ultimately is causing suffering to the patients. They are losing their money, they lose the faith in Ayurveda. Ultimately, the total system of Ayurveda gets blamed, for the fault of a few. Patients have to realise that if some advertise claim sounds too good to be true, then it surely is false.

In another view point, patients have the right to demand for the treatment for their disease. Ultimately, it is the duty of the Ayurvedic physician to explain the limitations of Ayurvedic treatment in that particular disease.

The physician should take the responsibility to propagate the knowledge of Ayurveda. He should educate patients that, in a few disease conditions, Allopathy has better treatment options than Ayurveda. It does not mean that Ayurveda is weak or Ayurveda does not have any successful treatment approaches.

But in a few diseases, when we know that better treatment options exist in other systems of medicine, the Ayurvedic doctor should be broad minded enough to educate the patient about it and refer him to suitable doctor.
I have seen allopathic pediatricians referring children with recurrent allergic rhinitis patients to Ayurvedic physicians. It is high time for Ayurvedic doctors to reciprocates.

Diagnosing just with patient’s sound

In olden times a Vaidya could make a diagnosis, an anamnesis based solely on ‘shabda’ listening by letting the client spell the Sanskrit alphabet. Where can I read something more about this procedure?

Dr JV Hebbar:
There could be such a diagnostic method which uses only patient’s pronunciations to diagnose a particular disease, fit to be understood and practiced by some Ayurveda doctors of high-level intellect.  But they are not mentioned in the main Ayurvedic treatises that most of us, the low-level intellect Ayurveda doctors read – Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hrudayam. 

Marketing Ayurveda with unrealistic expectations or magical claims has become a trend in the western world. Mysticism, very high spiritual ways of diagnosis / treatment are employed by some Ayurvedic doctors just to show themselves as unique and different from rest of the practitioners.
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If there is a spiritual healer who would do spiritual way of diagnosis and healing, ideally, he should not be charging a fee for his service. Because the terms ‘commercial’ and ‘spiritual’ are antonyms. A person who seeks money from you, for his service can rarely be termed as spiritual. 
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Why would you want to believe the accuracy of diagnosis made just with voice? There are –
9 different ways to examine a disease,
five sense organs to examine a disease,
five different modes of disease examination,
10 ways of patient examination. 
All explained here

The whole of Ayurveda, written in Ayurvedic textbooks are considered as Agama / Apta / Aptopadesha = Scriptural testimony. 
Aptopadesha Pramana – Features, Description

Ancient Ayurvedic textbooks are written
 parīkṣakaiḥ praṇītaḥ –  after being well-examined by the examiners in multiple ways
 śiṣṭa anumato – Accepted by the well-learned scholars of the society, 
 loka anugraha pravṛttaḥ – Written to do the welfare of the whole world. 

(Reference: Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 11/27

If only sound of the patient was sufficient to make the whole diagnosis, then the ancient masters would not have written about diagnosing via tongue examination, feces, urine examination, examination by touch, inspection, palpation etc.
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If you want to go to an Ayurveda practitioner who would diagnose the disease only with voice, then he has to believe only in his words about progress made in healing etc. Only he can tell if the disease is getting cured or not. That is a lot of trust being put on an Ayurveda doctor.
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If an Ayurveda doctor proclaims that only he is the sole owner of a diagnostic / treatment technique, and he heals spiritually, I would be skeptical. I would rather believe in an Ayurveda doctor who practices based on the textual references of Charaka, Sushruta etc. 

Yoga was modified as hot yoga, cold yoga, Bikram yoga, and then on to beer Yoga, naked yoga etc. 
Let us not push Ayurveda in that direction. 

Do not believe your Ayurveda doctor 
If he prescribes a formula without disclosing its contents, when asked. 
If he offers to heal you spiritually but the cost of that would be 1 million dollars. 
If he wants to heal you just with Mantras or just by his touch or just by his vision. (High level spiritual Gurus can do this, not your neighborhood Ayurvedic practitioner). 

The universal rule that holds good for a lot of aspects of life, also holds good for Ayurveda. 
If it sounds too good to be true, it could be a scam.

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