My Favorite Five Words That Rule My Life. What Is Yours?

Our character, belief system and mindset largely depends on the words that we use on daily basis.  We all have some words that inspire us and drive us forward, some words that are very close to our heart. Here is my list of favorite words and phrases. Also, do let me know about yours. 

favorite words

1. Perseverance – This is my most favorite word. It sounds so sweet. I always try to stick with what I have got and persevere with it for a long time. If you give me two options like, easy money with quick work and lot of money after a long work, I will surely pick the option of lot of money after a long work.

When I was doing my post graduation in Ayurveda at the age of 25 – 27 (3 years), at that time, my friends were buying cars, buying homes, getting married and I used to feel a bit jealous and anxious. But I knew that perseverance with whatever I am doing right now, doing it perfectly and waiting for right opportunity is the right way forward.
I ran this website for first three years without making any money from it. Only in the fourth year, I have started making some money out of it.

2. Behavior – character – Our regular reaction to things around us, constitutes our behavior and behavior gets ingrained into our mind and body to become character. Kabeera (Ancient Indian saint sings) – All the wealth of the world are hidden inside character.

3. Studious – interest in learning new things. Being a doctor, if I was not eager to learn about how a website works, I would never have started this blog. It is the interest in learning that keeps the mind active and positive. It brings about openness to mind. It makes us feel fresh. It takes away prejudice.

4. “Its never too late to start”.  Other day, I saw Hrithik Roshan (famous Indian actor) posted a pic with his mother. She has lost 20 kilograms at the age of 60.
Its never ever too late to take a fresh start, be it your career or your health or your life goals or whatever it is. Never think it is too late. Do not give up. You always have time. Just find it and work it out. You are here to win. Have trust!

5. Move on! Get on with life. I see many people get struck up with a sad moment and neglect a long line of happy moments that are waiting to happen. They suck up their energy and also of people around them.  Whenever I am stuck with something, get-on-with-life is what I remember.

So, what are your favorite words? What inspires you? What keeps you positive, ahead of others and at the direction of your goals? Which words bring awesomeness to your life? Share with me in the comments below.


24 thoughts on “My Favorite Five Words That Rule My Life. What Is Yours?”

  1. Efforts will never be in vain-it is true always.I got so many things from these words and by following these words……

    • Dear sir, very true.
      I have read and have experienced that our small / big, feeble / recognizable thoughts, deeds and actions, all have effects on our overall built. They actually make what we are today and what we become tomorrow.
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi doctor,

    You are proud of your blog which gave us lots of information after long-term construction. I think money is not import element but the major stuff you enjoyed the process of your work. Otherwise you didn’t invest too much time on it. “Doing what you like” is very important as we have own strength on some areas.

  3. Hi doctor friend,

    Thanks for inspirational article. Usually most of the diseases will cause of laziness, dusty, stress, ego, angry, over thinking, hurry without planning, harsh, lack of human relations, steroids, and follows ab-normals etc. etc.,

    I hope the above said 5 great elements viz character, studious, preservance, no delayance, self motivation are definately a good pre-cautionary medicines for all types of diseases 🙂

    and I like a quote that ” Wealth is lost – Nothing Lost, Health is lost – Something Lost, Character is lost – Everything Lost”.

  4. Hello Doctor,
    Very well written.Just to add to the good things u have written, perseverance is required to build all the other words u mentioned.

  5. @ your point 5.- .. I often see myself worrying about things that really touch me…. It is hard to let things go then… en concentrate on the other things life’s bringing me at that moment… as soon as I realise.. I ‘m worrying en don’t let go.. I’ll tell myself… don’t worry.. you won’t forget the issues that count, just by focus on living at the moment. Things that really counts will wait patiently until the time is right… in the meantime it is best to move on with your live…

    • True. There is a huge difference between “let go”and “move on”. See, all the things are at our hands. We are the driver of your life. You have to pass the hurdles and drive to success. Let go is – like wait till the heavy wind clears. Move on is like, pushing ourselves forward with utmost optimism and utmost energy. B-)

  6. Would like to add few more that makes living a joy,
    1 acceptance of everyone and everything around
    2 sense of gratitude to both the living and non living
    3 truthfulness in words and deeds
    4 sincerity and passion to help put in and bring out the best

  7. Dear Dr. Hebbar,

    Thank you for this very inspiring article and for this opportunity to share.

    Below are a few things that come to mind…

    1. Life’s Purpose and the purpose of struggles – Keep a picture in mind of what you would like your life to turn out to be. Don’t worry about it, but just keep it around as a gentle reminder to distract yourself particularly when things don’t seem to be going well in the short term. Remind yourself of how long you’ve come since the time you have first memories of. Strength derived from the memory of past successes, and a clear picture of where you want to go are helpful tools along life’s journey. Try to see that it is the struggles of the past that have made you what you are today, that your strength and confidence and goodness of character all have come to you because at some point you must have had opportunities to bring out these latent/hidden talents in the face of hardships. Every experience helps us grow.

    2. Faith – Try to have faith in God or a Higher Power. It can really take you all the way without much pain, even if life is full of challenges. It is said that it doesn’t matter if God remembers us, what matter is how much we remember Him (because we are benefited by doing so). Faith can play a big role in helping us to persevere, patiently and consistently.

    3. Count your blessings. Very often, we are sad because we identify too closely not only with what’s happening in our life, but also because we only look at the people we see every day and compare ourselves to them knowingly or unknowingly. If we try to broaden our horizon and objectively analyze how much struggle an average person goes through in today’s world, it doesn’t take long to realize that we have several blessings that others don’t. With this consciousness, over time, it becomes easier and easier to go through struggles without pain.

    4. Pray sincerely. Even though God cannot satisfy everyone’s every desire per se (a doctor might pray to have enough to earn his livelihood and a common man might pray that he always remains healthy), it is still true that if we pray sincerely by trying to minimize our selfishness, for a good cause, then one way or the other, God/Universe will help us achieve our goals. Perhaps we just need to know what to pray for, to improve the chance of success, and also pray with an open heart, ready to accept that all our prayers may not be fulfilled. Just for the sake of one example, in the beginning we can pray for material success, then we might pray for material success so that we can serve others in need, and eventually we can ‘graduate to’ praying just for the ability and resources to be able to serve those in need…

    5. Give selflessly. Happiness is a function of what we do for others, not for ourselves. The more we are able to love and to share, and the more we are able to give (after keeping the minimum for our needs), the more our heart expands and the more we are able to see life’s beauty and blessings. The hope is that in the end, we lose ourselves to this bliss of selflessness (or egolessness).


    • Hi Gaurav, I especially liked
      “Happiness is a function of what we do for others, not for ourselves.”
      Even in purest materialistic sense, when we are trying to earn a lot of money, we are actually trying to make our beloved family happy. So, spreading happiness by serving the needy is imbibed into the nature of humans.

    • congratulations DR.HEBBAR, for this wonderful article which contains the essential aspects that helps a person to have a positive outlook to life, a hope filled future and a faith oriented life in God. Personally I am trying to live few of this : like to be positive and happy, whatever be the circumstances of life. To find something positive in every person I meet. I count everyday as a blessing from God to love HIm, my fellow human beings and the beautiful creation.


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