Main Cause For Diseases As Per Ayurveda

We have learnt that imbalance in Tridosha leads to disease. The cause for Tridosha imbalance can be divided into three categories. This explains the general cause for any disease.

Tridosha means Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Action of increased Dosha

When there is a flood, the water gushes into the cities very fast, but the reversal process of correction is very slow. Similarly, the increased Doshas spread throughout body from foot to head to produce diseases but the decrease of Dosha and restoration of normalcy takes a very long time. (Reference: Ashtanga Hrudayam)

Dosha is the main cause for disease

Like a bird flying high in the sky cannot escape from its shadow, the root cause for disease lies in Tridosha. Even the mental qualities such as Satva, Raja and Tama are influenced by Tridosha. Dosha get vitiated, then cause vitiation of body tissues (Dhatu) and waste products (Mala) to cause disease.

Tridosha imbalance causes

Causes for Dosha imbalance can be categorized as

  • Less involvement (Heena yoga),
  • Over involvement (Atiyoga)
  • Wrong involvement (Mithya yoga)


  • Artha – sense organs
  • Kala – season
  • Karma – action

So, less, wrongful or more involvement of sense organs / seasons / action leads to Tridosha imbalance and this leads to disease.

Artha – Senses and their wrong associations

Heena Yoga – Poor association of sense organs – insufficient, inadequate, contact or non- contact with the objects of senses- sound, touch, sight, taste and smell with their respective sense organs.
For example, not at all hearing sounds, or living in a low lit area for a long period of time, taking very less food etc

Atiyoga is over indulgence of sense organs. Seeing objects which are very minute, bright etc, gazing for a very long time, lastening to loud music, staring at computer screens for long hours, excessive eating etc.

Mithya Yoga – wrong indulgence of sense organs – seeing / hearing frightening, very close, very far, disliked and abnormal objects etc. Eating junk food, walking under intense heat of Sun etc.

Kala – seasons

Kala is of three kinds, cold, hot and rainy.
Hinayoga of the Kala is – less cold in winter, less temperature in summer and less rain in rainy season.
Atiyoga is – Floods in rainy season, scorching heat of Sun in summer etc.
Mithyayoga is manifestation of qualities opposite to those of the natural ones of the season. Example – rain during summer, cold weather during summer etc.

Karma – Activities

Three types of actions pertaining to mind, body and speech lead to Dosha imbalance.
Heenayoga – very less speaking, very little physical activity, very less thinking, very less walking etc.
Atiyoga – excessive speaking, excess physical activity and excessive thinking.
Mithyayoga – wrong speaking, wrong physical activities and wrong, evil thinking, suppression of natural urges, improper postures, abrupt jumping and falling, speaking too much immediately after meals , harboring of desires- attachment, passion, hatred, fear etc.

These are the causes for increase of Doshas, thus increased they produce many kinds of diseases, involving the mind, tissues, organs, bones, joints etc.

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