6 Quick Natural Remedies To Improve Singing Voice

As per Ayurveda, voice is controlled by Vata Dosha. For a good singing voice, you require regular practice and diet control. Along with that, these natural tips might help you improve your singing voice. 

singer voice

1. Ghee – Take half a teaspoon of ghee, everyday morning, before food. You need to drink a small cup of hot water after taking ghee.
Avoid this during cloudy days, when you have cold, cough, fever or indigestion.

2. Chew a small piece of Yashtimadhu Licorice is known to improve voice. Chewing a small piece of licorice, for a minute or two, helps improve voice.

3. Hot water drinking – helps to clear phlegm from the lungs and clears throat.

4. Use of Amla in diet. Read more – how to eat amla.

5. Herbs like Gotu Kola, Manjishta also improve voice. Weekly once, you can make a chutney with Gotu Kola, to improve voice quality.
Cinnamon is another herb which clears the throat of secretions and sputum. Regular use in culinary improves your voice.

6. Ayurvedic medicines –

  • Srikara Amodini Pills – helps to clear the throat and brings in smoothness.
  • Vyoshadi Vatakam, Ksheerabala 101 Thailam, Bharngi Guda – helps to relieve Kapha Dosha and balance Vata, leading to good voice.
  • Chewing a small piece of nutmeg fruit helps to clear throat, sputum and improves voice quality.
  • Take your doctor’s advice before trying these (or any medicines).

22 thoughts on “6 Quick Natural Remedies To Improve Singing Voice”

  1. Is eating ghee regularly good for over-weight people? a nutritionist said ghee mobilises fat in the body and hence should be taken. your comments

    • Dear Shrikant,
      There is some truth in that. But fat people should not consume ghee in large amounts. one teaspoon per day should be good enough.

  2. Sir mere nose me badi prblm rehti hai jo hmesha bhari lagti hai plss mjhe koi medicine btaye jisse meri nose khul sake or mjhe songs me koi prblm na aaye plss sir

  3. There is always problem in throat and due to this my voice comes out in a very low please tell me any remedies please

  4. Not everyone among us is a singer, but it does not mean that throat clearing is not your concern. You should never take your throat for granted for it is one of the greatest blessings we human have. When the throat is itchy, feels dry or swollen or there is a problem in producing voice, it has to be dealt in a way that offers you no side effects. What’s more better than dealing with few home ingredients.

    Amazing healthy life tips…
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Sir, maine 6 months pehle singing start ki hai, but meri awaz me kampan rehti hi ar khulapan ni rehta jiske chlte mere songs kharab ho jate hai. Mai yasthimadhu ka sewan bhi karta hun lekin koi fark nai pada. Kuch salah dijiye sir…

  6. Hi, the book – Living Easy With Ayurveda is available for online purchase here

  7. Hi sir,
    I want to smoothness in my voice, for signing, I has been sing 250 songs in smule app, everyone says That I can sing as a professional singer but I feel too much requirement of smoothness and clearity in my voice, smoking also a major problem for me, so please suggest me the right way.
    Dharmender Sisodia

  8. Hii sir
    I want to make my Career in Music.. But the Thing is my Voice is Little heavy and whenever I try to Sing high notes it seems like I am straining my Voice .. Sir please give me some suggestions …about some natural medicine or remedy.. Because I trust more on Ayurveda then the foreign medicines….Sir please help me. . my career is in your hand .please .

  9. Sir my another problem is that I am addicted to cold water drinking…because of which I Face ..problem while performing. ..my voice gets broken it between and. .Some time my voice comes from my nose… I do some aasans like anumlom vilom and all but it’s not working …so my another problem is Nasaltie sound while singing ..

    • Vaibhav I am a vocalist and trainer myself.. Drink lukewarm or water from MITTI KA MATKA. Apart from this keep doing Kharaj Abhya daily in the morning for at least 1 hour -just kharaj. In the evening practice AUM, SA and HMM for 10 minutes in total and continue with your Madhya septak abhyas. This will take at least 6-12 months but you will se a tremendous improvement in your vocals techniques and connecting with TAAR SAPTAK will become much easier.


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