Difference Between Avipattikar Churna and Avipathi Choornam

Avipattikar Churna and Avipathi Choornam – both these are Ayurvedic medicines in herbal powder form. Both have got similar set of ingredients. But they have lots of differences between them, in terms of indication, method of administration etc.


Avipattikar Choorna is mentioned in Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Amlapitta Chikitsa 25-29
Avipathi Choornam is mentioned in Sahasra yoga Choorna yoga prakarana.

Use in practice

Avipattikar is used in Ayurvedic treatment in North India.
Avipathi is used more commonly in South India, since Sahasrayoga is based on Kerala Ayurveda practice.


Avipattikar is used in treating a wide variety of disorders, starting from gastritis, urinary tract disorders, constipation etc.

Avipathi is used in treating Pitta imbalance disorders such as burning sensation, gastritis, migraine, etc.


The proportion of Lavanga (clove), Trivrit and sugar are different in the two medicines.

Method of administration

Avipattikar Churna is administered just before food and in between food.
Avipathi Choornam is administered before or after food. It is mixed with a small quantity of honey, made into a tablet or a soft small ball and then it is administered to the patient.

Effect on Tridosha

Avipattikar Churna is targeted towards balancing all the three Dosha. But Avipathi choornam is targeted mainly to achieve Pitta balance.  

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  1. Docter, for shodhana purpose avipathi churna 10gms for 3 days without poorvakarma..to a longstanding urticaria patient..is good?


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