9 Methods to Enhance The Effect Of Meditation On Your Mind And Body

This is a guest post by Mr Jason Miner.
There are millions of people who practice meditation on a regular basis. Meditation can relax the body, mind, and soul and help reduce stress and discomfort. Many believe that relaxing your mind and body can help in healing as well. Since stress is documented as being detrimental to your body, there could be a fact behind this belief.
What are some ways by which you can enhance your meditation practices?

1. Quiet – A quiet and peaceful place to meditate is common for those who do so regularly. Sometimes absolute silence is almost impossible to have, but you can try to come as close to it as you can. (Lack of calmness may also lead to side effects of Pranayama.

2. Darkened Areas – Many people find it convenient to be in a dark room when meditating. It can reduce the interruptions of trivial life to be secluded in the dark.

3. Soothing Meditation Music – Not many people can relax in meditation during a rock concert. Although there are a few that can, you should try something more mellow and soft.

4. Smells of Success – Aromas are a powerful thing to the human mind. It can remind us of events that happened more than 30 years ago, or fill us with a sense of relaxation. There are some beliefs that certain incenses burnt while meditating can help keep focus on a particular problem or insight.

5. Distractions – Removing yourself from distractions can be beneficial to your meditating success. Some will sit in meditation of a warm shower in the dark and concentrate on the sound of the water. Of course, this can be difficult if you have children at home.

6. Comfort – A key component in meditation is comfort. Some people will meditate lying down while others find comfort and ritualistic expression by sitting in the lotus position.

7. Anywhere – Meditation can be completed anywhere, as long as you can secure a short amount of time without interruptions. You can even accomplish this while working in a busy office, as long as you set aside a few minutes during your lunch break.

8. Sleep – It is best to meditate before you begin to get tired. Many people end up falling asleep during meditation as it is relaxing.

9. Time – Any amount of time spent meditating could be beneficial to your mindset. Your meditation cycle should be concurrent with what your mind needs.

Regardless of your methods, meditation is an excellent way to clear the mind and relax after a hard day of work. It can also be used as a tool to give your subconscious mind a way to help guide you in times of trouble. There are many reasons why people meditate and finding the right method is unique to your personal needs.

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