Home Remedy For Bloating And Gas Trouble Using Buttermilk

We are back with video tutorials for home remedies and today we are making home remedy for bloating and gas trouble using three powerful Ayurvedic ingredients. This traditional Ayurvedic home remedy is good for bloating, mild constipation and to improve digestion. 

Home remedy video


Saindhava Lavana – 1 pinch – It is called rock salt in English and Saindha Namak in Hindi. It is a powerful ingredient to improve digestion and to relieve bloating.

Haritaki – Fruit powder – 1 teaspoonful – Botanical name of Haritaki is Terminalia chebula, Chebulic myrobalan in English and Harad in Hindi. It is one among the Triphala group of herbs. It is useful to improve digestion, to relieve bloating, gas trouble. It also relieves mild constipation and is used for rejuvenation purposes. Hence it is an ingredient in Triphala, which is used for rejuvenation.


Buttermilk – 100 ml: We have already learnt about how to make buttermilk and what are buttermilk benefits. In a nutshell, Buttermilk is good for digestion. It is especially good at night. It is slightly hot in nature and balances coldness at night. Hence it is better to avoid curd at night and use buttermilk instead.

Method of preparation

How to prepare?
Add 1 pinch of rock salt and one spoon of Haritaki powder to buttermilk
Stir well.
Take it after food  once or two times a day.

Taste: Astringent, salty and slight bitter.


What benefits to expect?
Relief from bloating, if used for up to 1 -2 weeks.
Improves digestion
Relieves mild constipation
Useful for those who feel as if they have not emptied their intestines and feel heavy.


Who can not use it? 
Since it contains salt as an ingredient, people with high BP should avoid this.
As a general rule, it is better to use this home remedy only after consulting your doctor.  

11 thoughts on “Home Remedy For Bloating And Gas Trouble Using Buttermilk”

  1. Because it contains Saindhava Lavana (salt), it is best to avoid this for high BP people. If you wish to take it, you will have to get the advice/permission from the doctor.

  2. Can this remedy be taken everyday longterm for chronic gas and bloating if a person has no other health issues?

  3. Are there any spices that when added to milk can particularly help counter milk’s bloating-inducing effect?


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