Ayurvedic Ashwagandha Home Remedy For Conception In Women

Here is an Ayurvedic home remedy for women who are planning for conception. This is a traditional recipe is made with Ashwagandha. 

Ashwagandha is something which is usually associated with men, male infertility treatment etc. But it is equally beneficial for women as well. 

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What you need: 
Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) – coarse powder – 25 g
Water – 400 ml.
Milk – 100 ml
Ghee – 2 – 3 ml.

Method of preparation

  • Take Ashwagandha root coarse powder and add it to 400 ml water, boil and reduce the water level to 100 ml. The proportion is 1:16 reduced to 1/4th.
  • After reduction, do not filter the decoction. add 100 ml of milk to it. Remember that for any Ayurvedic remedy preparation, if you are using milk, it should always be used only after boiling it.
  • Continue heating this milk and Ashwagandha decoction further till you are left with only 100 ml.
  • Filter it.
  • This recipe contains both water soluble and fat soluble active principles of Ashwagandha in the medium of milk.
  • This is taken in a dose of 30 ml, in the morning, before food, along with half a teaspoon of ghee (clarified butter).
  • If you are planning for conception, it can be taken every morning, for a period of 2 – 3 months, based on your Ayurvedic doctor’s advice.
  • Once after preparing the milk remedy, it should not be re-boiled. It should be emptied within 3 – 4 hours after preparation.
  • It is better to take this Ashwagandha remedy when it is hot.
Home Remedy For Conception For Women
Home Remedy For Conception For Women

Who can use it? 
Any lady planning for conception can take this.

Side effects

Any side effects? 
There are no known side effects with this home remedy. However, people with very high cholesterol levels may take very less quantity of ghee with this remedy.

Mode of action

How does it help? Will it help women facing the problem of infertility? 

This remedy helps in following ways.

  • It helps to strengthen the ligaments, uterus and ovaries so as to prepare for pregnancy.
  • It helps to reduce stress levels and calms the mind.
  • It is a powerful anti inflammatory and anti oxidant herb. It boosts immunity.
  • It helps in relieving auto immune disorders. Auto-immunity is also a cause of infertility.
  • As per Ayurveda principles, it improves quality of ovum (egg).

Timing for conception

What causes infertility? It is a broad topic. One major but bizarre cause that I have noticed in the recent few years is the lack of timing. Because both men and women have become career oriented, owing to their busy schedule, all they get time to try for conception is on weekends. Some couple try only once in 10-15 days.  
If during counselling, if this is found out, then I usually advice as below.
Ovulation – release of egg by womanUsually ovulation (release of ovum or egg) occurs in females, 14th day before menstruation.  For example, if the menstrual period of a lady is of 30 days, then ovulation occurs on 16th day. 
If the menstrual cycle of a lady is of 28 days, then ovulation occurs on 14th day. If the menstrual cycle of a lady is 30 days, then the ovulation occurs on 16th day. 
If the menstrual cycle is of 32 days, then ovulation occurs on 18th day.  

Timing the conception: 
Hence, to have enhanced chances of conception, it is a good idea to try for conception on alternate days starting from 10th day of the cycle up to 20th day. For example, on 11th, 13,15,17 and 19th days of the menstrual cycle (continuously, not just on one among these days). 
Once in three days is also somewhat fine. For example 10th, 13th, 16th and 19th days) 
1st day = 1st day of menstrual cycle, when the menstrual bleeding starts. 

Alternate day or once in three days is recommendable than everyday, because, total sperm production and semen volume recovery might take 2 or more days. Low sperm count can decrease the chances of conception. 
Follow abstinence (lack of any sexual activity on other days. That is – after 22nd day of menstrual cycle to 10th day of next menstrual cycle). This can be beneficial especially if low sperm count is a cause for infertility.

Of course, Panchakarma, oral Ayurvedic medicines etc. are required after ascertaining the precise cause of infertility.  

53 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Ashwagandha Home Remedy For Conception In Women”

  1. That is exactly the purpose of this home remedy. Ideally, 2 – 3 months before conception, the lady can starting having this in the morning.

      • It is ideal, if you make it everyday. Refrigeration is against to Ayurveda principles.
        Make only 30 ml and have it in the morning, in place of your regular tea, for a period of 3 months. After 3 months, you can stop it or continue based on your doctor’s advice.

    • It will help to an extent. But for PCOD, it is better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly.
      A combination of Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines to induce ovulation and to manage other complications like glucose intolerance etc works the best for PCOD.

  2. So when following the recipe you end up with 100 ml of the remedy, that should be taken 30 ml per day. Is it ok to keep it in the fridge or should it be prepared every morning afresh?

    • I took 100 ml, because it is very easy to demonstrate.
      Please prepare 30 ml, each day and have it, say, instead of your regular cup of tea. It is ideal to have it, when it is still lukewarm.
      As per Ayurveda, it is not good to refrigerate and use it the next day.

  3. Hello doctor,

    I have Ginseng that I purchased from South Korea about 8 years back. Can that be used in place of Ashwagandha?

    • It has crossed the shelf life. Please throw it away. Ashwagandha capsule / raw herb is not costly. Please buy fresh.

    • Once after confirming pregnancy, it is best to avoid all Ayurveda medicines, just to be on the safer side.

      • So I purchased the powder and not the but it didn’t say ashwagandha root,it was the powder only is that ok?

    • To only some extent, it is helpful in female infertility. But it is just a preparatory remedy for women for successful conception. Female infertility can be due to different causes and the treatment should be based on the cause.

  4. thanks for your previous reply.This prepration is very time consuming,can we take the ashwagandha powder with lukewarm milk?does it work similar?

    • You do not have to add ghee to while boiling milk + Ashwagandha. ghee is taken as adjuvant while taking this Ashwagandha milk remedy. Hope it is clear.

  5. Hi, you can take this, even while undergoing iui treatment. But not as a standalone medicine for your health issues.

    • Just to be on the safer side. Most of the Ayurvedic medicines contain preservatives which may not be suited during pregnancy.

  6. Hi Dr. you said that “it is best to avoid all Ayurveda medicines”. It made me more curious to know that why Ayurved medicines should be avoided during pregnancy. what about satavari, som kalyan ghrit and any other medicines for fever etc..?

    Please make it more clear that why Ayurved medicines should be avoided ?

  7. Hi, for you, this remedy might be very useful. If you can also visit an Ayurvedic doctor, there are other medicines that can also be given to improve the chances of conception.

  8. Hi, it will be good if you can consult an Ayurveda doctor for proper guidance, along with this medicine.
    So far, no one has written to me saying they successfully conceived after trying this remedy.

  9. Aap directly ek accha Ayurvedic doctor ko sampark karna behetar hoga.
    Is Ashwaganda remedy ko period ke pehle din se hi start kar sakte hai. Subah, Chai se pehle ya khaane ke baad bhi use kar sakti hai.

  10. hello doctor..but in one website i read ladies should not have ahwaganda …and those who have thyroid problems never use dis….is it true…bcz i bring ashganda but after reading the side effects i thought i should consult you first

    • Ladies can use Ashwagandha and I have used it even in hypothyroid conditions as well.
      Read more about Aswagandha uses and side effects – easyayurveda.com/2014/06/22/ashwagandha-withania-somnifera-benefits-dose-side-effects/

    • I don’t know. I have two lovely daughters. I am very thankful for Lord Krishna for these two precious gifts. 🙂

  11. Hello sir

    Do the preservatives in ayurvedic medicine reduces its effectiveness and even make it carcinogen?

    Is chawaysnprash also contains preservatives ?

  12. Hello Madam,If you are planning for conception, it can be taken every morning, for a period of 2 – 3 months, based on your Ayurvedic doctor’s advice.

  13. Thnk u dear doctor…wid d positive outlook..one cn definately Achieve d desired results….as dis is an outstanding remedy..wid d natural herbs…

  14. Hello Doctor, when you boil this preparation 400 ml of water to 100 ml and the milk + water to 100 ml….do you boil on high heat / medium heat or low heat?

  15. Hello Doctor, Can we also add Shatavari powder to this along with ashwagandha? should we add more water and milk then?

  16. My doctor prescribed me brahmadine ,iobine,sal phos and vetesson tablet to conceive…is tat helpful to conceive me fast?


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